Where Have You Been?

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A client I had not seen since her only session in 2014 called for a second appointment. What had taken so long?
Three reasons, she said:

  • Finances,
  • She was uncertain of the outcome of her first session, and
  • She decided continuing with her psychiatrist was best.

She came back because after seeing her psychiatrist for four years she did not feel better in any way. By contrast, she had felt much better for a few days after her initial hypnotherapy session.

She was concerned that the hypnotic effect only lasted four or five days. Why not as long as she wanted?

I was taught at the school where I learned hypnotherapy that a client needs to come in once every week. Otherwise the hypnotic process would not work. I have found this to be untrue. The method I have chosen is more effective, and works better.

I look for a client to come in for his/her first three sessions over three weeks and then three more sessions over six weeks.

With most clients, I find the following:

The first session’s hypnosis stays active for at least three days, sometimes five or six. For deep level hypnotic candidates, the effect always is a full six days, often seven. The seven-day results are generally for somnambulists, deep level hypnotic candidates who go to the deepest levels of hypnosis almost immediately. One person in five is a somnambulist.

After a client’s second session, he commonly finds the hypnotic effect lasts much longer than the first session and again after their third session. The hypnotic effect is even stronger after the third session.

That is why I wait 14 days to see just how long the hypnotic effect is holding. By now most clients find the effect lasting for 12 days to two weeks.

The idea is to see how the effect is holding, and to ensure strengthening of the areas that are not holding as well.

During the last three sessions over the six weeks, clients see how they are doing. I begin to teach them how to self-hypnotize.

Self-hypnosis becomes important here because most clients cannot afford seeing a hypnotherapist on an ongoing basis.

By teaching how to self-hypnotize, clients understand that they no longer need to accept the behaviors that they get. They have the change tools.

Hypnosis helps you to learn this amazing form of hyper concentration to break your previously programmed actions and acquire new behaviors.

Hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool to create new positive behaviors as persons let go of their old behaviors. Changes are rapid and life changing.

Do not hesitate to contact me by telephone, 310.204.3321, or by email at nickpollak@hypnotherapy4you.net. See my website at www.hypnotherapy4you.net

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