5-0 Centaurs Pass Dorsey Test

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Culver City High School

Everyone knew it was going to be close game. Two evenly matched teams with outstanding athletes on offense and defense.

Culver City High School against Dorsey last Friday night featured enough excitement to last a whole football season. The Centaurs won on a last- second field by Carlos Barillas, 30-27.

“It feels great to be able to give the team this win,” said a happy Barillas, surrounded by family and friends.

“It was a hard fought game but we got the result we wanted.”

Barillas has made all five of his field goal attempts this season without a miss,

He tied the school record — three field goals in one game.

Most kickers only attract notice when they miss. It was refreshing to see the Centaur kicker come through in the clutch.

“I trust God when I kick,” said the 6-2, 185-pound Barillas.  “I think of all of my family members, and it’s all for them.”

Under the guidance of kicking coach Greg Goodyear, he started kicking as a sophomore on the junior varsity three in 2014. “Three years ago, Coach Goodyear saw some talent in me. Ever since, then I have been working hard and the results are showing.”

The Dorsey game was a perfect test.

The 5-0 Centaurs start league play on the road on Friday at 5-0 El Segundo.

The Eagles have scored 181 points in and allowed only 37.

Culver City has scored 237 and  given up 81.

“This was the test we needed to help us get ready for league play,” said Culver City Coach Jahmal Wright after the victory over Dorsey.

“We had a couple of guys get hurt, but that’s what football is all about.

We have worked hard. We have set big goals for this team, and I hope we can keep winning.”


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