Alum Carter’s Glowing Moment

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Culver City High School

Culver City High School’s annual Alumni football game blends the old with the new.

It develops friendships that last a lifetime.

Last Thursday, the old players played the 2017 varsity players.

The varsity won by a touchdown, but that was not the headline.

The headline was about family and giving back. The headline was being a positive role model to the high school players.

“The varsity players see how much of a family we are,” said alum Marquel Carter.

An all-league quarterback for the Centaurs, Carter also graduated and played football at Columbia University in New York.

Carter, a mainstay around the football team, has a passion for giving back to the school.

“Whenever I think about Culver City football, I think about family and commitment,” said Carter. “This game gives the high school players a chance to play against bigger and stronger players.

“We have a lot of alumni who played Division 1 college football. Some have played in the NFL. So it’s a great opportunity for them.”

Carter also feels like it’s a great opportunity for the alumni players to turn back the clock. “I love it because we get a chance to run around and act like we are still in high school.”


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