Athletic Talents of Boehle Boys Never Has Wayned

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From left, Davis Boehle, brother Parker, grandfather Wayne, father Michael, brother Hayden

Three generations of Boehle athletic greatness started in the 1950s and early ‘60s at Culver City High School.

Wayne Boehle, inducted into the Culver City High School athletic Hall of Fame in 1961, was a baseball, basketball and volleyball star for the Centaurs.

Six decades later, his three grandsons are volleyball stars at U.C. Santa Barbara.

Three times three is a winning combination for the Boehle family.

Wayne’s son Michael, the father of the three U.C. Santa Barbara players, also was an outstanding athlete in high school and college.

That adds up to three generations of athletic greatness in one family, and the tree was planted at Culver City high school.

“It’s not very often that you get a Division I player in your family,” said Michael after Santa Barbara lost a 3-0 volleyball match to USC at the Galen Center.

“Having three Division I players on the same team is amazing,

“There are not a lot of scholarships to go around in men’s college volleyball.

“It is very special for my sons to be in this position. A blessing. We are very lucky. I am so proud of all of my sons.

“It has been fun to watch them grow as student athletes.”

Michael Boehle said he wanted to thank the community of Culver City and Culver City High School “for giving my father the opportunity to play sports as a kid growing up.

“That foundation,” he said, “led to all of us being good athletes. Most importantly, my father taught us to be good people.”

Michael’s sons – Davis, Parker, Hayden — played baseball, basketball and football growing up in Westchester.

But they chose to concentrate on volleyball at Loyola High School and in college.

The boys played for their father in high school, Michael, being the Loyola volleyball coach.

At 17-1, Loyola is ranked as one of the top volleyball teams in the nation.


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