SC to Win if Game Is on Paper

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When UCLA and USC play each other in any sport, the stakes are high.

Saturday afternoon’s 5 o’clock game at the Coliseum is no different.

With no Rose Bowl game to play for, they still will serve up some of the best talent in college.

The Trojans and Bruins will feature NFL-ready quarterbacks, Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen.

Both schools have something to prove and play for. The 9-2 Trojans have clinched first place in the Pac-12 South.

They must keep winning to play in a prestigious bowl.

The 5-5 Bruins need a win to stay bowl- eligible.

The Big Game will come down to two major factors:

  • Turnovers,
  • Quarterback play.

SC’s Darnold and UCLA’s Rosen will need to be at their peaks, win-loss records aside.

Defensive and offensive line play will be crucial.

On paper the Trojans have the edge in both – but heat from the intense rivalry tends to obliterate logic.

The coaching the edge goes to USC again, mainly because Clay Helton has more talent to work with.

If a good coach has better players, he should win.

UCLA’s Jim Mora will need a masterful game plan.

After all of that, flip a coin to see who will win.


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