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When Is 8 Percent Not the Truth?

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Do not accuse our seldom honest leftist friends at The New York Times of being mirthfully malnourished. If they cannot laugh at themselves, they invite you to mock them as they carry out their sworn pledge to defend President Obama against all charges large and small. As the most voluble voice in English language media last year for the enforced health insurance farce known as Bombcare, the august Times produced this top-of-the-page headline two days ago

Very Personal Mud Flies in Face of Candidate Who May Sue


Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper has obtained documents confirming that a website established last week for the sole purpose of denigrating Mario Guerra, Downey City Councilman and state Senate candidate, is being coordinated by key advisors to rival candidate Tony

Excellent Reasons for Sending Troops to Combat Ebola in Africa


By Paul Ehrlich. Yesterday you asked, “Can (anyone) explain why President Obama can justify sending 3,000 ground troops to West Africa to fight Ebola.” To be accurate, the President is sending 3,000 military personnel to three countries in sub-Sahara Africa. These are not ground

Noonan Tells Only Some of the Story – Here is 8-Part Correction


By Les Greenberg. Ari Noonan, as the editor, it would be nice if you reported the whole story (of the parking controversy pitting residents of the 10700 block of Farragut Drive against the leadership of Grace Lutheran Church). First, the city attorney has been asked to investigate connections between the church’s senior personnel and two City Councilpersons. Those connections are sufficient that they could influence decisions. Further, if the connections are so tenuous, why did the two Councilpersons fail to disclose them in response to a direct question concerning connections?read

Should the City Subsidize Grace Lutheran Church’s Parking?


By Michael Stivers. At last week’s meeting, the City Council heard a request from Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church to reduce permit-only parking to two-hour non-permit parking on Farragut Drive. The Council asked staff for the number of violations of the present parking restriction. The representative of the Police Dept. said there had been 200 violations in the last measured six-month period. At $60 a violation, that is revenue to the city of $12,

Meet a Commissioner Whose Bark Is Worse Than His Doggone Bite


Dateline Dayton -- Some weeks ago I wrote about the vicious dog attack here. A lady was mauled to death. Today I have an update. You are welcome to bring your vicious dogs to Montgomery County, let them run loose, even to the point of killing someone. You will not be charged with causing anyone’s

8-Letter Word Describing California GOP – H-o-p-e-l-e-s-s


It was lawbreaking, both proven and alleged, that ended the Democrats’ supermajority in the state Senate. Republicans and their efforts had nothing to do with it. Until state Sens. Roderick Wright of Los Angeles, Ron Calderon of Montebello and Leland Yee of San Francisco encountered serious legal problems, Democrats had more than two-thirds of the seats in both houses of the Legislature for almost the first time

Two Questions Posed for Councilman Cooper


Ari Noonan yesterday quoted City Councilman Jeff Cooper as stating, “I have relationships with many people on both sides of this issue.” I assume that is a correct quote, as it is under Ari’s byline. Thus, there are two questions for Mr. Cooper to answer
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