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Here Is Why Veterans Should Drive Right Carr Nov. 4.

Robert Rosebrock


Yoga for Kids Comes to Culver West Every Tuesday


Culver City has launched a new series of yoga, meditation and creative movement classes designed especially for kids, ages 6 to 10. Directed by well-known yoga instructor Laura Fuller and led by teachers Amy Armstrong and Tessa Cisneros from Life Moves Through Yoga and Meditation, Tuesday afternoon classes are from 3:45 to 4:45 p.m. in Culver West Richard Alexander Park, 4162 Wade

A Lift May Be on the Way for the Business Face of Downtown


Second in a series. He has witnessed this scenario before – at the Third Street Promenade. “We definitely are bringing a lot of people to Culver City, and retailers follow where the people are,” he said. Realtor Wally Marks predicts that change is on the way for restaurant-heavy Downtown. Not tomorrow, but it is

Prop. 46 Richly Deserves an Affirmative Vote. Sorry, Docs.


Of all the issues in Prop. 46, an omnibus measure on the Nov. 4 ballot aiming to improve patients’ rights in several health care areas, money is the one that counts most. The central question boils down to: Should victims of medical malpractice and their lawyers get rich? Or should malpractice insurance companies stay rich?read

Solomon Settles the Farragut Parking Dispute


I’m normally rather loathe to comment on local politics. But this heated debate about parking on one block of Farragut Drive has got me in a kerfuffle. Watching Les Greenberg and Ken Smith spar is like watching football teams argue a game-winning goal by

Think Less About What You Want, More About Helping Others


Some of my clients ask me for simple motivation techniques. We often do not realize the significance of how we talk to others or, more importantly, how we talk to ourselves. Most people’s self-talk is generally negative. Of course there are exceptions, and those people enjoy

Speaking of (Parking) Figments and of Imaginations…


According to Ken Smith’s recent publication, the total impact of the Farragut Drive Parking Restrictions is that “[m]any of the participants [in Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church’s programs] have to walk several blocks to the church while Farragut Drive sits empty of cars.” That’s it. Now, let’s examine that

This Will Be Strike Three for Retread Ray at LAUSD

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The shovel-shlepping LAUSD School Board, also known as the Ex-Catty Wives Club, clambered into a 1948 hearse yesterday morning. They ordered the driver to take them to a certain gravesite over at Forest Lawn. Imagine their non-embarrassment when one of their number brightly remembered that no, Retread Ramon Cortines had not died. He just had not spoken in awhile. How alive and alert he is is not likely to be determined before next Ramadan. Last seen publicly, the 82-year-old was, of all things, involved in a
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