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Some People Shoo Away Homeless, but This Diamond Shoes Them


First of two parts. In the week of the biennial count of the homeless in Los Angeles County, Ira Diamond, podiatrist, stands at the nexus of one of the most inspiring stories to emerge in these homeless-centric days. Many may think first of shelter or food when images of the homeless hover into their lives – but the focus is different for Dr. Diamond. He comes naturally by his powerful commitment to

Sebastian Salutes New VA Deal to (Hopefully) Cure Homelessness


State Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas today praised the two-day-old legal settlement in the case of Valentini v. McDonald that will provide for construction of new housing for homeless veterans on the site of the VA’s West L.A. campus, which is in the 54th Assembly

True Reason Why Brown Is Not Running for Boxer’s Seat


If the current large corps of potential candidates for retiring U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer’s job look to some like a gaggle of political pygmies, it might have something to do with the 800-pound gorilla lurking in their living room. That would be Gov. Brown, who could most likely have the job for the asking. There are plenty of other names, including

We Were Going to Have a Good Time in Las Vegas. Wanna Bet?


Dateline Dayton -- Last week was the beginning of my annual trip to Las Vegas, with my brother-in-law. We left Dayton on Wednesday afternoon on the first leg of our trip, which was Dallas. After arriving and going to the assigned gate, we were told to go to a different gate, next to where we started. The airline announced a mechanical problem, delaying the flight. We questioned

Writer’s Block? Never a Problem in Israel


Dateline Jerusalem --,/b> When I have writer's block and cannot think of a topic for my essay, something always happens in Israel so I can make my deadline . Unfortunately, "peace" and "quiet" are fragile along Israel's borders. This time it was not Hamas in the south but Hezbollah in the north that attacked Israel. Hezbollah admitted their

Cara Cara Heaven


It all began on our trip to Florida last week. We stayed with friends who taught us how to bird watch, and how to squeeze fresh orange juice with their machine. Their deliciously sweet reddish oranges were said to have low acidity. 

When we got home my wife and I ordered an orange juicer from Amazon, and we

Culver City Volleyball Club Development Program Is Ready to Go


The Culver City Volleyball Club is offering an introductory Tweens Volleyball program for girls 8-14 years old. Next Friday is the opening session, and it continues through March, April and May. Cost is $140 per month for 15 sessions of serious volleyball

Clarke’s Creative 12-Hour Non-Stop Flight to Washington


As one of the travelingest residents of Culver City, Jim Clarke’s unflappability was the perfect antidote for a bizarre day in the air and on the ground. At 8:10 this morning, the City Councilman’s Washington-bound flight – a routine three-pronged business trip – lifted off from an LAX runaway. At 2 o’clock this afternoon, by which time he was supposed to have landed, he was standing, instead, near
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