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Arriving in a Panic, Hypnosis Helps Him Fly Whenever He Wants


A gentleman contacted me with a chronic anxiety issue, fear of flying. So far, he had luckily avoided traveling by air. But when he was booked for an out-of-state seminar, he was stuck. He needed hypnosis to help him over his irrational anxiety. Interestingly, he is a hypnotist. But he could not convince

Has the Time Come for a Culver City Minimum Wage?


First in a series. As minimum wage fever sweeps the country, City Councilman Jim Clarke said this afternoon that Culver City “should consider it.” Probably not the $15.37 hourly figure Mayor Garcetti proposed last week for Los

Why It Was Right to Stand up for McKenna


A Tale of Three School Boards -- The community came full circle one weekend ago when it packed Washington High School’s auditorium to install George McKenna as its representative on the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Board of Directors in a joyous ceremony and celebration the likes of which South Los Angeles hasn’t had in my lifetime -- and I’m old! Everybody was there!!read

Stone House (Soon to Go) Held a Secret Not So Mysterious


Dateline Dayton -- After dropping off old tax records at a shredding event sponsored by our credit union a week ago, it was on to our two granddaughters’ soccer games. Madison's team won 4 to 0. Julia's game ended in a 0-0 tie. From Julia's game we went to breakfast/lunch at a new casino-restaurant where we were meeting my sister and

Lack of On-Site Parking Hurts Church’s Case, Says the Mayor


Second in a series. For Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells, the core of the parking dispute between Grace Lutheran Church and residents of one block of Farragut Drive is as inarguably clear as a cloudless sky. She maintains that the City Council should tread “very carefully."read

Why Rita Zide Said It Was Right Time to End the Roll ‘n Rye


Let there be no mystery why the beloved Roll ‘n Rye Jewish deli (is that like saying a tall giant?) drew its blinds for the final time late yesterday afternoon. “I am tired,” the revered proprietor Rita Zide said as saddened patrons – many of them fourth generation customers – formed a non-stop line on Saturday and Sunday for one last hug for her and one last bite at the unique tastes of perhaps the favoritest Jewish deli on the

Why Did So Few Speak Out on Behalf of Grace Lutheran?


By Sandy Stivers Lazy is the new active. A couple of years ago a few residents on the 10700 block of Farragut Drive attended a Traffic Committee meeting at City Hall. The schools on Farragut had requested to relax the parking permit restrictions for graduation. No one from the school attended, only residents. What happened to part of learning is showing up?read

Mayor Talks of Purity of Residential Parking Plan


First in a series. This afternoon, Mayor Meghan Sahli-Wells, holding a singular view on the City Council, entered the public discourse for the first time in the community’s flaming residential parking controversy. Should one block of Farragut Drive have its weekday residents-only parking privilege revoked or amended to accommodate members of nearby Grace Lutheran
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