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Marriott Hosts Saturday Seminar for Legal Documents’ aides


William Tanner, directing attorney for the Legal Aid Society of Orange County, will be among the expert speakers scheduled for the California Assn. of Legal Document Assistants’ Summer Seminar on Saturday at Culver City’s Courtyard by Marriott hotel. Mr. Tanner will be offering LDAs information on “How to Prepare Applications for Publication and Applications for Posting,” a requirement whenever a legal matter is filed with the court

Does Ice Rink Merit Top Tier Historic Status?


Second of two parts. Whether the languishing Culver City Ice Arena, dark to the world for 5½ months, attains a modest historic status may be determined at next Monday evening’s 7 o’clock City Council meeting. At stake is whether the 52-year-old rink, shut down temporarily (?) over legal and technical disputes, will be granted the status of Cultural Resource, a standing unlikely to affect any lives in Culver City aside from the nominee. That would be the advisory Cultural Affairs Commission. Nearly a week out from the Council meeting, no groundswell has been

Tragedy of Zahirah – Closer Look at Middle East Refugees

General Art

Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago as part of a series in my memoirs. At the time I was in Beirut, too young to fully understand the political ramifications. Through the years, I recognized how the Arab brethren of the refugees had used and manipulated them. While I was studying for my doctorate at USC back in the 1970s, I saw a film made by a student from Saudi Arabia. Part of it showed Palestinian refugee camps. The accompanying script gave the impression that the Saudis were magnanimous in allowing them to live there. This was nearly 30 years after the partition. Yet none of the refugees was given equal status -- citizenship, education,

U.N., a Good Neighbor, Returns Stray Rocket to Hamas


Dateline Jerusalem -- Rockets are getting too close. G-d is working overtime with His miracles. Yesterday morning, thunderous booms. But no Code Red Alert siren. Nearby cities getting the brunt of the barrage of rockets. I spoke too soon. Sirens. Just returned from the shelter of my stairwell. Multiple booms while we waited inside it. As of noon yesterday, Israel had 65 Code Red Alerts. There were only 75 the entire day before. By 11 last evening, there had been 101

Latest on Millenium Project: Secret Drone Video by Opponents


Opponents of the controversial Millennium Hollywood mega-project today released video footage that lifts the cloak of secrecy surrounding a deep exploratory trench the Millennium developer is digging on its property to determine if the site of its proposed $650 million twin-skyscraper project is crossed by an earthquake fault, as many scientists believe. The dramatic video, available through this YouTube link, was shot from a small drone. It graphically shows

How to Avoid Acting in Blazing Anger


Patience is a virtue. Virtue is a grace. Grace is a little girl who never washed her face. How little patience we have. You have noticed how people are in a hurry. Those much more aggressive seem to have no patience. They will push past you going through a door, cut in front of you in a line. Their look says, “You are doing wrong. I’m not.”read

New One-Day Law Makes Huge Difference for Immigrant Families


The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles today applauded Gov. Brown for signing into law SB 1310, which provides that sentencing for misdemeanors punishable up to a year will not exceed 364. This would prevent the separation and deportations of thousands of Californians every year. Of state Sen. Ricardo Lara’s bill, Joseph Villela, policy and advocacy director of the Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights, said:read

Proceeding Blindly, the Case Against Drop-Dead Equality


By Bob Leabow. As I recall with a blast from the past, blind people and postal workers (before they went postal) could ride public transit for free. Is the problem like most of our laws -- one size fits all, with no exceptions? A blind person cannot drive a car, at least today with existing technology. But other disabled people can. Since a blind person cannot drive and in many situations is very limited to the type of work he/she can do, should all disabled people be treated equal?read
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