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A Town Hall for Grocers Next Week


Dateline Sacramento – Board of Equalization member George Runner will host a telephone Town Hall for California’s grocers next Wednesday at 10 a.m. The free event, co-hosted by the California Grocers Assn., will provide information on tax issues specific to the grocery and convenience store

First Step Taken to Change Status of Ice Arena


Now that the Cultural Affairs Commission has agreed with a request to grant “significant historical” status to the temporarily shut down Culver City Ice Arena, what happens? The noise you may have heard was a shrug. Answers are awaited. As an advisory body, the Cultural Affairs group last evening agreed with the Culver Ice Foundation’s suggestion to recommend the “significant” label for the rink. This will be forwarded to the City Council, and no one knows how

For Normal Americans – a Rare Triumph


The volatile Supreme Court awarded a decades-overdue victory to normative Americans yesterday. Emphatically, the Court planted burning crosses on the lawns of the victim-centric white, black and brown racists who lead the Democrat party by slapping down Michigan’s deceitfully named “affirmative action” law. Now students of color, on the first try, will have to spell c-a-t from memory instead of acting like a cool

Why Chief Pedersen Is a Good Bet to Conquer His New Test


Asst. Inspector Gen. Don Pedersen, the second longest serving Culver City Police Chief in late history, is a week and a half into his new appointment, following a weekend of abbreviated retirement, April 12-13. Chief Pedersen and his new boss, County Inspector Gen. Max Huntsman, are jointly setting sail into quite uncharted enforcement waters – overseeing the actions of one of the country’s most criticized Sheriff’s

Natatorium Is Exactly the Right Subject for Measure CC Poster


By Robert Zirgulis. I always said that a picture of the Natatorium, the Culver City School Pool, would be a great poster child for promoting the need for improving our schools with the passage of Measure CC on June 3. I was happy to get a mailer from

Growing Old Wittily – and in Rhythm


Dear Ari and Diane: This was written with someone else in mind, but as I have been struggling to find the right words to convey my thoughts and prayers for you both, I thought you might like

PCC Comes up with a New Gesture – It Apologizes (to Everyone)


Editor’s Note: Pasadena City College, whose campus already is overheated, owing to long-running controversies over its unpopular president and much-criticized general counsel, has plunged into emotional darkness again. This time, it is about an invited/disinvited commencement speaker. This story, about a seeming apology, appeared in Pasadena Now. The author is identified as “interim director of public relations.”read

The Artworks! Online Auction – Fascinating Stuff for a Good Cause


It is time to make a bid. Farragut Elementary’s Artworks! Online Auction is open for business until this Wednesday at 10 p.m. With hundreds of items available, shoppers are bound to find
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