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Our Daytrip in Quest of a Cure


Dateline San Francisco – The Journey resumed yesterday to slow or, more hopefully, to neutralize the internal progress of Diane’s five-month war with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. How are you supposed to feel when you drive to LAX in the comforting pre-dawn darkness? Optimistic? Worried?read

Has Reporter Been Stalking Water Board Member, Scaring Family?


Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper. Members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. responded to the home of a family member of Central Basin Water District member Art Chacon on Monday after reporter Mike Sprague of the Whittier Daily News allegedly trespassed and made verbal threats to Mr. Chacon’s 80-year-old mother, niece and her

The Snail King and His Mystery Mission

A & E

Interior. Morning. Mr. Smallking’s bedroom. The alarm rings. Loud annoying music. 6 a.m. Mr. Smallking opens his eyes. He gets up instantly from his bed, fixes it, puts on his robe on, kisses the portrait on the wall [a large black-and-white framed photo of a lady in her late 50s. Woman’s face is crooked with a wide, fake smile. She is wearing the same small, round glasses we noticed on Mr. Smallking. The picture is hanging on the wall right above his small bed. He adjusts the short sleeves on a tight jacket – his moves are fast and robotic,

Goodbye, Mickey Rooney

A & E

On April 6, almost five months ago, Mickey Rooney, born Joe Yule Jr., on Sept.23, 1920, passed away at his stepson's home in Los Angeles while taking a nap after lunch. His death ended the longest career of any show business personality in American history. I first met Rooney in 1976 when

LaRose’s Question No. 2: ‘How Will We Know if They Know?’


Third in a series. With the first School Board meeting of the fall term – introducing Common Core -- unfolding this evening at 7 in Council Chambers, Supt. Dave LaRose arrived at the second of four standards-based questions he said are critical to understanding the new year. After exploring the opening inquiry, “What is it our kids cannot afford not to know? What is positively fundamental?” question No. 2 asked: “How will we know if they know that?read

Don’t Applaud Yet, but Top-Two Formula Is Working…


When California voters adopted the “top two” primary election system four years ago via Prop. 14, they meant to make state politics more moderate, to ease some of the sharp divides between Republicans and Democrats that led to legislative and budgetary gridlock. It is working, but is a work in progress. For the relatively new system that pits the two leading vote-getters in each primary against each other the following November, regardless of their party affiliations, is now changing some runoff campaigns as profoundly as it quickly did many

Ending a Cease-Fire on Rosh Hashana. How Convenient


Dateline Jerusalem -- Another cease-fire? It is midnight, and I do not know. I expect to find out in the middle of the night, the best time of day to break the bad news to Israelis, when they are sleeping. There won't be much of an immediate protest to the fait accompli in their slumberous state. Worse, the pause is for a month, ending on Rosh Hashana, the day Hamas originally planned to attack Israel via its terror

Pleading for a Change of Venue for Veterans Town Hall

Robert Rosebrock

Dear Mr. Tillman: Per the directive of new VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald, the Los Angeles VA will be holding a Town Hall meeting with Veterans on Monday, Sept. 29. As you know, this Town Hall meeting is scheduled to be held at the West Los Angeles Medical Center, from 12 noon to 2 o’clock, 11301 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90073, -- Building 500, Room 1281. As you also know, Room 281 holds 200 people. And as you also know, Los Angeles has
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