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Weissman Explains Why It Was Necessary for City Hall to Intervene


Third in a series. City Councilman Andy Weissman says the anticipated – but not eagerly awaited – smoking ban in multi-unit buildings will be enforced “privately.” That means “if you violate a prohibition, I can sue you in small claims court.”read

Why We Exist: To Insure Every Child Succeeds, Says LaRose


Buckets, Beliefs and Back to School was the theme of our All-Staff Back to School Celebration two weeks ago. Our entire team gathered for our annual family reunion and celebrated our core belief – Success for All Takes US ALL! As I often stress, this is both the “why” and “how” of our work. We exist to ensure every child succeeds. We know it is only possible by working together: School, student, family and

If You Favor Tenure for Teachers, Put Down the Halos and Say Why.

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As every child learns early, when you enter a debate unarmed, without a worthy counterargument, you are obligated to promptly change the subject if you care to finish with your skin spanning all of your bones. Welcome to the fairy tale world of teacher tenure in California, where a job-for-life is yours without asking, where the now-overruled and loaded last-in, first-out policy has been mercifully killed, pending

Without a Doubt, She Is Doubting

A & E

I’m doubting…
I’m thinking …
I’m fighting with myself…read

Centaurs Hope Togetherness Will Bring Another Championship


Last Saturday the Culver City High School football teams played their fall scrimmage. The freshmen, junior varsity and varsity teams showcased their talent in front of proud parents and enthusiastic coaches. After five hours of football, the No. 1 theme of the night appeared to be:read

8th Time Is the Charm: The Bag Finally Is Banned


By Heal the Bay. Dear Friends: After six long years and eight legislative attempts, victory against the plastic bag is ours. Heal the Bay and a consortium of other nonprofits bagged a huge win last Saturday when the state Legislature approved a ban on the distribution of single-use plastic shopping bags at major retailers throughout the state. Unlike Big Plastic, we didn’t have a campaign war chest. But we still prevailed -- thanks to

Another Victory for Opponents of Current Teacher Tenure

News A Los Angeles judge last Thursday affirmed a tentative June ruling that struck down five laws governing job protections for teachers in California. The final decision in the headline-grabbing tenure suit sets the stage for the appeals process. All eyes are on state Supt. Tom Torlakson. He is a named defendant in the case, and he said Friday he will ask the state Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris to seek appellate

Here Is the Key to Unlocking Mysteries of Hypnotherapy


Clinical hypnotherapy, which I have been practicing now for 23 years, is an amazing tool to help anyone create vocational or avocational changes. Clinical hypnotherapy helps you to overcome challenges of stress, anxiety, nervousness, fears, phobias, panic attacks, overeating that causes unwanted weight gain, smoking, insomnia, lack of self-esteem, shyness, sadness, anguish, grief and
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