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City Manager John Nachbar updates the Culver City community with news from around town - week of November

Lady Centaurs Kick Off the Basketball Season with a Win


The Culver City High School girls’ basketball team started their season with a 38-25 win over Crossroads of Santa Monica in the Culver City Tournament. The 12-team tournament continues through Saturday. The Lady Centaurs’ next game will be Friday night at 7 in the Del Goodyear Gym. If the Centaurs have a good week, they will play for

The Hate Shleppers, Mitchell and Bass, Are Popping Off Again

Editor's Essays

The distinction between U.S. Rep. Karen (Heaven Help Us) Bass (D-Culver City/Crenshaw) and a crudely carpentered door, fittingly, is indiscernible. Her mind and a door are of a single piece. Open and shut. If the woman possesses, or can define, “nuance,” she has kept it well-hidden, another task far beyond her

Rent Control – Time to Make Way for Funeral Arrangements?


City Councilman Jim Clarke said this morning he does not believe there is sufficient sentiment among his colleagues – nor within him – to institute the controversial concept of rent control. Vice Mayor Mehaul O’Leary only favors aiding the elderly and disabled who have been harmed by rent escalations. The neon subject is the star attraction at a Council meeting in less than two weeks, Monday, Dec. 8. That is precisely the point where Councilman Andy Weissman registered his

In Previous Career, Cooper Became Integral Part of Students’ Lives


Third in a series. Lisa Cooper, closing out her first month as interim principal of Culver City High School, said her father and coach made her first career an easy choice. “My father inspired me to go into coaching,” said Ms. Cooper, a star player herself who won four consecutive state championships at Bishop Montgomery High School, Torrance. “What he taught me (at Westchester High) was that there is so much more than x’s and o’s that the kids take away from you."read

Lack of Annual Trimming Program Is at Base of Ficus Tree Crisis


Third in a series. By Jerry Green. Here is the speech I gave during public comments at the last council meeting. I invite the other speakers of our (Carlson Park Coalition) group to also share their speeches with you as well. And I request that Liz and Steve provide you with a copy of the petition signed by 125 homeowners in our 4 block area as well as any updates since the council

When an Addict Seeks Help, You Ask About His Suggestibility


A client came to see me a year ago with a sugar addiction. Hooked, and she could not break the habit. Hypnosis might help, she suspected. She gave it a try. An important aspect for a hypnotherapist is to understand a person’s suggestibility. That helps create the changes a client wants. (Suggestibility is how we communicate.) There are two forms

Turkey Giveaway Starts Tomorrow Morning at 8


Thanksgiving is about bringing people together, and about being thankful for what we have. This is why State Farm repeats this year as a major sponsor of one of the biggest Thanksgiving turkey giveaways in the nation, the E.J. Jackson Foundation Turkey Dinner Giveaway, now in its 32nd
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