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Feinstein Rewards Apparent Pal with High-Profile Nomination

Robert Rosebrock

Second in a series. One of the unlawful contracts by U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is with her affluent, influential friends in a neighboring community, adjacent to the VA property. A 30-year agreement was manipulated to build a public park on Veterans’ property "for the enjoyment of the entire community." Meanwhile, tens of thousands of disabled, disadvantaged Veterans have been exiled, forced into

Clarke Knows Exactly How He Wants to Celebrate City’s Centennial


A week and a half ago at 10 o’clock on Election Night, moments after he had been swept back into office, City Councilman Jim Clarke, cheered by jubilant supporters at City Tavern, declared a strong second-term wish. “I want to be mayor the year of our (2017) centennial,” he

One Task at West L.A. Not Likely Ever to be Completed


Fourth in a series. On the day before West Los Angeles College’s major Open House program, third-year President Nabil Abu-Ghazaleh addressed the question of how close the community college is to reaching the desirable number of students to attain their degree. “Very interesting,” he said. “What is a desirable proportion?"read

Measure CC – LaRose Talks About How to Know What Needs Fixing


Second in a series. A fascinating question infusing Measure CC on the June 3 ballot is whether the School District has lost momentum in its ceaseless bond issue campaign since last July 1, the infamous night former School Board member Karlo Silbiger abruptly, and almost singlehandedly, halted the first attempt to pass a

Rather Than Go Without a Necessity, Israelis Invent


Dateline Jerusalem -- It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. In the 1950s, soon after becoming a state, Israel went through a period of austerity. It took several months to several years before getting a telephone in the home. Party lines not only meant sharing a phone line with a neighbor, but people standing in line to use phones at businesses and on street corners. Some towns had no phones. Most of the country had gas-flamed burners on their stove tops but no ovens. Trying to bake without an oven was difficult. Necessity led to the Israeli invention of the

Duhs Nos. 46-53


Here are some recent "Duh" moments. I saved these ideas on my iPhone’s note pad over the past two

King’s Next Task – Figuring How to Cure Entrenched Voter Apathy


Second in a series. It is a measure of Christopher Patrick King’s maturity as a blossoming civic leader that after finishing third in last week’s City Council election, he said his greatest disappointment was communal rather than

Pulled-Back Invitation – A New Blunder by Bumbling PCC Administrators?


[Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the Pasadena City College Courier.] After being placed atop a Board of Trustees-approved short list of potential commencement speakers earlier this semester, Pasadena City College decided against selecting Oscar-winning screenwriter and PCC alumnus Dustin Lance Black because they feared sexually explicit photos of Mr. Black that surfaced on the internet in 2006 would tarnish the school’s reputation, according to administrative officials. Mr. Black was the first of eight potential candidates to make himself available as a speaker, but the Board of Trustees was made aware of
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