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A poem dedicated to the counselors at Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services Suicide Prevention

New Sheriff Confident That Calm Will Prevail


[Editor’s Note: County Sheriff-elect Jim McDonnell issued the following reaction to the Ferguson grand jury decision.]The frustration we have seen in Ferguson demonstrates what can happen when a divide develops between government — through one of its most vital agents, law enforcement — and the community it serves. It is why community policing and engagement must not merely be something we do. Rather, it must be

‘Spirits Are Good,’ but Ansman ‘Wants It All Over with’


Third in a series. “I haven’t seen Scott since the day he was sentenced” in May 2009, says Marilyn Ansman, the mother of convicted killer Scott Ansman. “That was the last day I seen him.” The 72-year-old mother, suffering health problems, and her 42-year-old son, a career military man, are in contact,

Call for Impeaching Judge Otero in VA Scandal Case

Robert Rosebrock

Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans, U.S. District Judge S. James Otero has ignored a temporary restraining order sought one week ago by the ACLU against the Dept. of Veterans Affairs to stop the Veterans Park Conservancy from any further illegal construction on federal VA

Clarke Cites Three Insurmountable Hurdles for Rent Control


Second of two parts. A primary reason rent control is not likely to pass in the last year and a half the present City Council is together, says Councilman Jim Clarke, “is that our rents are lower than other communities on the Westside.” Mr. Clarke’s second reason may be even more

The Night Media and City Council Both Skated on Shaky Ice


By Les Greenberg. At last Jan. 13’s City Council meeting, many persons wished to discuss efforts to preserve the skating rink on Sepulveda, an item not on the City Council’s agenda. There were 29 speakers. All Councilpersons discussed the subject for one-half hour. Councilperson Mehaul O’Leary, the leadoff discusser, stated, in part

Starting Over with Different Kinds of Trees Will Solve Ficus Crisis


Fourth in a series. By Jerry Green. Editor’s Note: As Carlson Park Coalition leader Jerry Green continues to critique City Hall’s perceived low-priority attention to problem-causing ficus trees, we present the latest installment of Mr. Green’s address to the CityCouncil at the Nov. 10

City Manager's Bi-Weekly Update to the Community


City Manager John Nachbar updates the Culver City community with news from around town - week of November
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