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Tomorrow’s Emphasis: Parallels of Islam, Christianity


It is originator Mohammed Akbar Khan’s intention that the dual emphasis – not dueling emphases – tomorrow morning at the groundbreaking interfaith program at the King Fahad Mosque “be on giving information and sharing what we have in common.” No controversies, please. This is about getting to know each other. The 10:30 event – to which the public is invited -- is headlined: To Honor the Life of Jesus and Mother

Police Dept.’s Santa Sleigh in Fox Hills Monday Evening


In one of his final appearances before Christmas, Santa Clause will appear in Fox Hills on Monday evening. The Police Dept.’s Santa Sleigh schedule, starting at 5:30

Deck the Halls of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

A & E

For the prize of a virtual candy cane, here’s a riddle: What holiday event is charming, cheerful, indispensable, and quintessentially L.A.? Okay, so it’s a bit of cheat because there really are two such events, the Rose Parade being one of them. The other is the annual L.A. County Holiday Celebration produced by the L.A. Arts Commission on behalf of the Board of Supervisors. Each year, close to 5,000 people visit the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion to enjoy the performance in-person – for free – while over a million people tune in to the live television broadcast. I’m going to be one of those 5,000. How about you?read

Examining Brainy Reasons New York Banned Fracking


In a grandiloquent week for the Coward in the White House, the Cowards at Sony Pictures, the Cowardly Rev. Tax Fraud and assorted radical left-wing lightweights, the morally bowlegged governor of New York wobbled to the microphone and begged in his most manly soprano tones, “Yoo-hoo, boys. Don’t forget me.”read

Legislature Edges Closer to Transparency in Campaign Ads


If there is one main reason for the distrust Californians feel for government and elected officials at all levels, it may be the way special interests regularly pour millions of dollars into election campaigns while managing to mask or obscure their identities. A major example last year was Prop. 45, voted down by a 59-41 percent margin even though it led by about that same amount in polls taken before the campaign

On a First-Name Basis with the History of Chanukah


Dateline Jerusalem -- I usually get a great response to essays I write about Israeli trivia. This week for eight days and nights Jews throughout the world will be celebrating Chanukah. Therefore, here is Chanukah trivia. Chanukah can be spelled

Giant Picture Fun


I think it has something to do with my excitement for 3D. This week I experimented for days with making giant pictures, and it was exciting. Using my printer, a great app called Mindcad Tiler, my great Adobe Photoshop Elements, and my wonderful Silhouette Cameo picture-cutting machine, I was able to produce attachable 8 1/2 x 11 inch printouts, which I taped together to make giant pictures for the grandkids who will be coming here this holiday. The sheets of printed out glossy paper attach so well that you have to squint a bit to see where the seams are. Here’s how to do it

The Spirit of Giving Defines a Voncannon Christmas


Since businessman and community activist David Voncannon had spoken so enthusiastically spoke yesterday about the crucialness of sharing and giving during Christmas season, the next question may have been foolish: Growing up in Winston-Salem, NC, was Christmas your favorite holiday?read
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