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Remember That Only Israel Can Protect Israel


Dateline Jerusalem -- If the cease-fire holds, this will be my last daily update. However, I will continue to write my regular once-a-week essays that will encompass more than just Israel at war. I want everyone to know the real Israel via its cities and tourist attractions, its accomplishments in technology, science and medicine, its unique character, its food, its people, its history, its politics, every aspect of daily

Looks as if Tale About Water Board Director Was a Tall One


Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper. In the past week, the editor of the Whittier Daily News and his reporter Mike Sprague have published several questionable stories aimed at discrediting Central Basin Water District Director Art Chacon, while ignoring ethics and monetary violations of other water board Directors. Their mission to publicize Mr. Chacon’s alleged transgressions has involved, among other things, harassing Mr. Chacon’s diabetic 77-year-old mother Paula, his 80-year-old wheelchair-bound aunt Lupe, and his nephew’s fiancé, Jessica

The Globe Is Warming, but Our Debating Should Cool


I’m not a climate scientist and, chances are, neither are you. So how do we have an intelligent and productive conversation about one of the most critical challenges our civilization ever has confronted? We can’t turn to the GOP for a model to follow. In their view, the absence of scientific qualifications on their part isn’t reason enough to avoid making scientific policy decisions. It baffles me that people who otherwise would gladly take advice from experts on everything from preparing for surgery to how best to drive a ball down the fairway would make an exception in the case of climate scientists.

The problem with discussing climate change is

Left Worships at the Altar of Phony but Noisy Victims


Top story on page two of left-wing USA Today this morning bellowed “Why college women must report rapes.” On-campus rape has been a juicy storyline of left-wing media since the flukey Sandra Fluke testified before Congress of how she was being denied $30-a-month birth control pills by women-hating Republican meanies. The starved media swallowed it like an In-and-Out milkshake. Sans imagination, Ms. Fluke has neatly margerined her body and brain into a profitable, difficult to define,

The Oily Bird Warns About the Perils (?) of Fracking

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My postman was breathless, red-faced and dripping with blue-collar perspiration when he hammered on the door this morning and handed me this urgent 105-word message from our dear friends at Food & Water Watch (

People’s Climate Marches in Three Weeks in L.A. and New York


On Sunday, Sept. 21, people from around the nation will come together in an unprecedented citizen mobilization for the People’s Climate March in New York City. As world leaders meet at the United Nations climate change summit, tens of thousands of marchers will demand the world we know is within our reach: A global economy that works for people and the planet, a planet safe from the ravages of climate change, a world with good jobs, clean air and water, and healthy communities. Solidarity demonstrations will take place around the world as we collectively call on our leaders to act on climate

Calculation Fun


New devices always are coming along to help us with calculating, and thus further automatizing, our lives. Now I can easily tell:read

By Loosening Rules, State Can Boast of Lowering Dropout Rate


For many years, it was valid to urge that students take a good look around as they entered high school in the fall. More than one-third of their opening-day classmates probably would drop out before Graduation Day four years later. Dropouts remain a big problem, but the rates have been cut substantially, down from the disastrous 34 percent of several years ago to between one-fourth and one-fifth of high school
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