Daniel Lee – Like Discovering Gold

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Mr. Lee

Re “Daniel Lee Joins Race for City Council” Best hometown news to break in the last week is that Daniel Lee is running for City Council in the April election. You don’t have to know who Mr. Lee is to appreciate his decision. If you care a whit about how Culver City is run, you should hear Mr. Lee, not … Read More

Award Time for ‘Dare to be Different’

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Ms. Goldfarb and Mr. Senders at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival

Re “A Mystery Behind the Mystery of ‘Dare to be Different’” Away to a promising start, the Long Island radio station documentary “Dare to be Different” captured a share of first place for the best audience reaction at last month’s Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival at L.A. Live. “The crowd response was just terrific,” said Roger Senders. He is one … Read More

When Gourley Presided, Truth Was in Style

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Mr. Gourley

First of two parts His intention was otherwise. But when Steve Gourley strode to the microphone to address the City Council last week, a waterfall of memories of the sui generis Mr. Gourley from years past flooded back. An academic skyscraper (http://the3wisemen.co/about/steven-gourley-curriculum-vitae/), he is the only politician to capture both a Council seat (1988-1996) and a seat on the School … Read More

No Fire – What Is the Rush or Worry About?

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Chief White

No matter what is going on in the world, Dave White and his moustache consistently resemble the happiest couple in town. Unflappable, he is. Just the kind of personality you want to be n charge. At a time when a gathering uproar is nearing City Hall with the complex regulations, exotic sounds and scenes of fully legalized marijuana, the fire … Read More

Speaking of Relics, Here Is Columbus Day

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Left-wing racists are enjoying, arguably, their finest week since their philosophical ancestors formed the Klan a century and a half ago. As committed racists, they do not need a reason for outlawing Columbus Day observances, ugh, by white and non-white people all across our country. Columbus Day, you will forgive the pun, now is history in 16 states. Like a … Read More

Four Men Who Don’t Stand (or Think) Tall

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Mr. Brown, left, and Mr. de Leon

Jerry Brown. Stephen Paddock. Colin Kaepernick. Kevin de Leon. At a glance, the bunching may seem lopsided. But each of these despicable persons has been spitting on our country, our flag, our democracy this season. They deserve whatever punishment can be meted out – after being forced to publicly recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Either that or ship them to … Read More

Are Transients or Guests Being Treated Like Tramps?

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Words pack meaning, subtle and otherwise, as journalists – and some City Council members – know. Did Meghan Sahli-Wells insult users of airbnb facilities by calling them transients? At the City Council meeting two weeks ago, three speakers accused the Councilwoman of offending their guests by plastering them with the intensely derogatory label. Typically, transient characterizes homeless, hopeless types, bums, … Read More

A Burned-out Politician Sets a Race Fire

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Standing on a lonely corner

Starved for adulation, one of Culver City’s angriest and least serious leftist politicians, not known for his original thinking, posted himself on a social media street corner the other morning. He was celebrating his recent election as president of the leftists’ New Shoestring Tiers Club. Emulating a latter-day Howdy Doody (there is a resemblance), the failed office-seeker asked passersby to … Read More

Sahli-Wells Gains Her Long-Awaited Voting Wish

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Ms. Sahli-Wells

City Councilperson Meghan Sahli-Wells is about to be granted one of her oldest and fondest wishes: Consolidation of City Council elections – long an April staple — with state and national elections in November. Reason: To possibly improve pale voter turnout in Culver City. The Sahli-Wells’ amen corner called the decision to consolidate elections “a no-brainer.” Their strongest evidence: Voter … Read More

What About a Cannabis Business Tax?

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Mr. Eriksson

The City Council will shine a flashlight on a proposed tax for new-fangled cannabis businesses at this evening’s 7 o’clock meeting in Council Chambers. The slightly divided Council members will vote on whether to send this scheme to voters. “Yes” is the presumed outcome. “Absolutely” there should be a tax, says Councilman Goran Eriksson. The only voter against permitting retail … Read More