Lockhart No. 1 All Along. No. 2 Did Not Matter

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Ms. Lockhart

What changed? What happened between June and December to alter the thinking of School Board members about deliberating lengthily and searching widely for a permanent superintendent? When the questions were posed to Dr. Steve Levin, he answered succinctly. “Nothing changed,” he said. On Dec. 12, six months before an announcement was expected, the widely popular Leslie Lockhart was elevated from … Read More

A Huge Thanks to Mitch Chortkoff

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Mr. Chortkoff, seated, with Lakers Hall of Famer Jerry West and Bosmat Eynav of the Culver City Observer. Photo, George Lasse.

I came to Culver City 17 years ago this spring at the request of my longtime friend Mitch Chortkoff. It has been a few seasons, but Mitch came to national attention as the Hall of Fame Lakers beat reporter for the late Los Angeles Herald-Examiner and elsewhere. Mitch is the kind of loyal friend men used to be. Today loyalty … Read More

A Beginning and an End

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Diane Agate

The best of times and the worst of times in my life picked Culver City to be the hometown stage where they occurred. One month after I came to Culver City, an old friend, Rabbi Steve Jacobs, asked if I would be interested in remarrying following a divorce 11 years earlier that caused Frankenstein a permanent tic. Tic. Tic. His … Read More

When Trump Blows His Nose the Right Way

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Besides falling in love with someone who does not love you, here is another of life’s stickiest moments: When a public figure you detest miraculously does the right thing, and you are obligated to comment. All of America’s leftist newspapers found themselves in that diaper-filled crisis last week when President Trump bravely spoke out in support of the immensely courageous … Read More

Armed Group Walks into a Police Station and…

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Is this a ‘sanctuary city’?

Stick ‘em up. This is what Culver City told law enforcement – here and in Washington. Law-obeying residents of Culver City hope this is the year their favorite community surrenders its demeaning status as a disreputable outlaw “sanctuary city.” In spite of the tragically misplaced compassion at its roots, hosting gangs of peoples who sneaked into our country when no … Read More

Tracing History of Black Families — Behind a Blindfold

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Ms. Cauley

“How America Destroys Black Families.” When The New York Times posted an essay under that headline the other day, I did what was intended. I allowed myself to be lured inside. Surely I will gain insights into – whatever. When I see an unfamiliar byline, I go directly to the typically slender identification lines at the end. I should have … Read More

Is There a Trace(y) of Truth in ‘Reporter’ Wilkinson?

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Ms. Wilkinson

Tracy Wilkinson of the Los Angeles Times has less tolerance for Jews than she does twin disease-bearing beetles inching up both arms. A zealously undisciplined arch-leftist, Ms. Wilkinson is as subtle as a belching cannon. Formerly head of the Times’s Jerusalem bureau, a ludicrous matchup, she showers every report on Israel with her vile hatred of Jews, carefully shading truths. … Read More

Even Though He Is an Opponent, Clarke Is Probing

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Mr. Clarke

Disappointingly, City Councilman Jim Clarke will have to wait one more time, until the Jan. 22 meeting, to probingly debate precise placements of Culver City’s three much anticipated/feared retail recreational cannabis stores. The only sexy, cannabis-related topic on Monday evening’s 7 o’clock agenda is not expected (?) to stir much opposition: A resolution to access state and federal criminal histories … Read More

A Favorite Obama Henchman Punches at Trump

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Susie Rice, who tried to make lying a playful national sport when she was President Obama’s national security advisor, emerged from under a desk last week. Enough time has passed for people to forget her failures, she reasoned. In a New York Times essay, she hooked her thumbs into her ears and made faces at President Trump. Eleven months after … Read More

Objectively Speaking, Tiggs’s Credentials Lean Toward Gold

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Mr. Tiggs is flanked by Richard Marcus, left, and Paul Jacobs

As New Year’s Eve speedily approaches, City Council candidate Marcus Tiggs, no fledgling politician, was asked a question to which he has devoted heavy time. With the April 10 election just over three months away, Mr. Tiggs is riding a Republican pony – for the first time – in his latest bid for a Council seat. How can a Republican, … Read More