Everyone Has a Choice

Dr. Janet HoultA&E, General Art

[Editor’s Note: Dr. Hoult is the poetess laureate of Culver City.]

Dedicated to the counselors at Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services Suicide Prevention Center.

It’s been more than 15 years since I lost my son
My pain was deep as deep could be – he was my only one
No one could understand my grief
Or give relief, even if brief
Memories churned and turned inside
I contemplated suicide
My world was dark, I saw no light
Hopes for my son were gone from sight
The darkness became even worse
Then someone suggested Didi Hirsch
I met a counselor who helped me see
How from dark thoughts I could be free
It took some time, but I learned to cope
And live my life again with hope
My skills are needed again and again
And each time I help, it is I who win
Sometimes I think of my counselor’s voice
And her reminder that I have a choice
I chose to live and use my skills
Knowing when I die it will be God’s will

Dr. Hoult may be contacted at HOULTight@aol.com