Why a Mall Owner Gave the Thumb to Stores

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Westfield says it is not going to pot

Now that Christmas is behind him, City Councilman Jim Clarke can return to encouraging location-worried residents to attend the next Council meeting on placing cannabis retail outlets out of what they regard as harm’s way. Provisionally, they have a date in Council Chambers for the Monday, Jan. 8 meeting at 7. “Since we probably will not see the first stores … Read More

Health Halts Sebastian’s Career

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Ridley-Thomas family, with Sebastian at right

On the grimmest day of the Legislative year in Sacramento, Assemblyman Sebastian Ridley-Thomas, whose very promising career just was starting to blossom, abruptly announced his resignation effective Sunday. Culver City’s Assembly representative gave weakened health as the reason. Period. No details have been obtained on the precise state of his health or the prognosis. The most promising young political star … Read More

Did the Civil War Really Happen? Where Is Evidence?

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Mr. Lincoln’s address is Gettysburg

Since they did not have to get up for work the next morning, the next afternoon or the next evening for the rest of their lives, white and black racists showed up for a sadly historical passage one night last week in Memphis. After a ranting and panting campaign to remove statues of Confederate heroes, the boys and girls were … Read More

Tell Me Again: Who Set the Middle East on Fire?

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Oops. Trump protestor tries to set himself on fire

As you may know, it is President Trump’s fault only two Palestinian terrorists were killed last week. Darn. More were predicted — and desired — by desperate Democrat doomsayers. Led around by their noses, the boys have been dutifully denouncing Mr. Trump daily for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Arabs and their Jew-hating allies are learning, under Mr. … Read More

Trump-Haley Daily Double

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The dynamic duo of Donald Trump and Nikki Haley has delivered on its latest threat. You do not have to look closely to observe the icy, stale pea soup racing down the stunned faces of Jew-hating Arabs who run the United Nations. The same sour soup licks at the tears soaking the bitter cheeks of frustrated anti-Trump protestors as they … Read More

Everyday Is Goodbye, Diane Wrote

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On Sunday morning, my dear son Matt and I had just finished breakfast. We were talking about his extraordinary accomplishments during the fall semester at Cal State Northridge – three A’s and one A-minus, earned by the most dedicated young man I ever have known. Walking outside, I wanted to show off the world-class cleanliness of car. It felt as … Read More

All Hail Nikki Haley, a Star Rising

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Ms. Haley

Seven years ago when Chris Christie was the new Republican governor of Democratic New Jersey, and Nikki Haley was the new governor of South Carolina, I wrote that they would make a splendid ticket for the 2012 election. She was magical. He seemed outsized – the combination of his gargantuan size and bravado advanced the apparently wrong signal. He looked … Read More

Call Her The Amy Who Stole Christmas

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Forget The Grinch. Meet The Amy Who Stole Christmas. As you know, it has been powerfully offensive for years to irreligious leftists to wish anyone, even in the privacy of his kitchen, with the lights off, to wish Merry Christmas to another human. Sometime in the ‘90s, I think, leftists commanded all Americans to hereafter confine their December wishes – … Read More

This Is Not the Life Rebecca Dreamed About

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The spectre of death this morning hangs over one of the favorite women in my life on this holiday that she used to enjoy more than anyone I have known. Call her Rebecca. Rebecca is 73 years old, in relatively good health, and lives alone, though not by choice. As a girl, Rebecca dreamed of walking down an aisle as … Read More

Goldilocks, Three Bears and a Gender Editor

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That was three days before Christmas, and look what The New York Times has done: Become the first (and hopefully last) newspaper on planet earth to hire a gender editor. Schlepping down the long, dusty, sometimes lonely, road of life, you may be pardoned for idly wondering, what does a gender editor do? Jessica (I Am a Victim) Bennett, who … Read More