V.A. Lied … Hundreds Died

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Fellow Veterans and Friends of Veterans, The Los Angeles V.A. has failed our U.S. Military Veterans beyond every way imaginable. Most recently hundreds of Veterans died while waiting for medical consultation and healthcare. As specifically detailed in the attached report by the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General regarding the Los Angeles VA, which concluded, “For the period … Read More

Will Carlyle Mass Sale Shake up or Kill ‘Billboard’ Drive?

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Photo: Reuters

Re: “Billboards: A Sign of the Times”  A shiver streaked down the corridors of City Hall and through the hearts of city leaders this afternoon upon learning that the Carlyle Group, driving force behind a controversial proposed massive signage project involving three upscale hotels, has put its fashionable Culver City properties up for sale. After the opening shock came silence. The … Read More

Digital Billboards for Fox Hills?

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Culver City Digital Sign Proposal - Proposed Sign Locations

Dear Fox Hill Residents, The Fox Hills Neighborhood Assn. likes to keep residents informed about the neighborhood we call home. If you attended last fall’s annual Neighborhood Association Community Forum at Newsong Church, it was brought to our attention that the Carlyle Group (a global real estate investment firm) wants to put static and digital billboard signs 14 feet x … Read More

Karen Bass Moderates Panel at Senior Center

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Rep. Karen Bass. Photo: Leroy Hamilton

On Thursday evening at the Senior Center, U.S. Rep. Karen Bass (D-Culver City/Crenshaw District), will host a moderated debate on President Obama’s request for Congress authorize the use of military force against the Islamic State. The panel of foreign policy experts for the 7 o’clock program includes: Dr. Erroll Southers, director of Transition and Research Deployment at the Dept. of Homeland Security … Read More

Art Garcia, 84

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Photo: Petr Kratochvil / publicdomainpictures.net

Art Garcia was the kind of community activist who will be remembered because he was different from the rest. Quiet. The table does not exist that he pounded. His way was soft-spoken persuasion. In his later years, he would slip anonymously into a community meeting, and newcomers never would have guessed his identity. Perhaps above all values, Art Garcia was … Read More