Clarke’s Idea on Division of Labor

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First of two parts.  One week out from the City Council’s first one-day Strategic Planning Retreat, Mayor Jim Clarke respectfully disagrees with Council colleague Thomas Small on who should research and oversee the coming Styrofoam ban. By now, the ban is a cinch – only the vehicle, which people will do the legwork – is at issue. “We have become … Read More

Wrong Way or Right Way to Ban?

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While environmentalists impatiently tap their toes in the early stages of a months-long, slow-motion process to ban polystyrene food containers, City Councilman Thomas Small ponders what could have been. Few seem satisfied with the Council’s 4-1 verdict two weeks ago to hand over to the two-member Sustainability Committee the complicated, time-heavy task of deciphering and choosing a strategy from scores … Read More

Lori Brings Art Back to Fiesta

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Fiesta La Ballona guests can paint the yellow brick road and popout of a 3D street painting of the Emerald City to celebrate the Culver City Centennial in a free activity at Vets Park, Fiesta weekend, Aug. 27-28. Popularized in the Culver City-filmed Wizard of Oz, the yellow brick road artwork by Fiesta La Ballona participants will be showcased at … Read More

Class of ’66, Starring Mayor Clarke

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Mr. Clarke being sworn in last April.

The equally serious and funloving mayor of Culver City was breezing along a Northern California freeway this morning, thinking up funny lines for his 50-year reunion tomorrow evening with the Pleasant Hill High School class of 1966. Mr. Clarke’s car steadily gained speed in his familiar 375-mile journey because he wanted to beat a deadline. City Hall in Pleasant Hill … Read More

Look at How Much I Have (Just) Changed

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Robert Ebsen
Robert Ebsen

I am probably the most patient and calm person in town. I mean, who holds the door for people 20 feet away? Who sits and listens for hours, sometimes, while others talk about their issues? Who didn’t give up hope on Trump for President until his umpteenth off-message delivery last week? Yes. I am the most patient person – until … Read More

Pulido Going. He Almost Is Gone

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Mr. Pulido

Tomorrow is Coach Adan Pulido’s finale as popular leader of the C3 Sunshine Summer Camp at Lindberg Park – not by his choosing. As an independent contractor with the city, the 36-year-old Mr. Pulido could be, and was, fired without cause by Parks and Recreation Director Dan Hernandez, who also is a well-liked personality. Mr. Pulido believes he was wronged … Read More

Dear vs. Robles vs. Trump vs. Clinton

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Mr. Robles. Photo: Los Angeles Wave

Any election race that feisty Albert Robles, mayor of Carson, enters, is bound to be more colorful than Trump vs. Clinton. Any race that feisty Jim Dear, former mayor of Carson, enters, is bound to be more colorful than Clinton vs. Trump. Mr. Dear feels about Mr. Robles the way Mrs. Clinton feels about Mr. Trump. Their showdown on Nov. … Read More

City’s Mandatory Water Restrictions Lifted

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A scene seldom seen in Culver City. Photo: George Hodan /

First of two parts.  Drought-driven water restrictions for Culver City and most other California communities officially were relaxed this week by the state Water Resources Control Board. Golden State Water Co., chief provider for most Culver City homes and businesses, along with three-quarters of other California suppliers, will be allowed to use as much water as they did in 2013, … Read More

They Will Be Looking for You Friday Night

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Lt. Agaiby

The Culver City Police Dept. Traffic Unit will be conducting a DUI/Driver’s License Checkpoint on Friday in the 10800 block of Culver Boulevard, between the hours of 7 p.m. and 2:30 The deterrent effect of DUI checkpoints is a proven resource in reducing the number of persons killed and injured in alcohol- or drug-involved crashes. Research shows that crashes involving an impaired … Read More

Debate More Than Analysis, Small Says

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Mr. Small

Third in a series.  Re: “Small Promises a Painless Transition”  City Councilman Thomas Small said that both a “yes” and a “no” answer are appropriate to Mayor Jim Clarke’s pertinent observation about the looming citywide ban on Styrofoam food containers. Mr. Small last week was the only person on the dais who voted against sending the raw proposal generated by … Read More