Gun Owners Can’t Be Sure, Can They?

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First of two parts   Bell View –A few friends from my old neighborhood w qualify as legitimate “gun nuts.” Am I afraid these guys are going to snap and start picking people off from the roof of a Motel 6? No. But I remember being 15 years old at a friend’s house for one of those parents-are-out-for-the-night parties.   … Read More

Daniel Lee Joins Race for City Council

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Mr. Lee

Culver City activist Daniel Lee, a volunteer mentor who narrowly lost his first bid for the City Council last year, today became the second candidate to declare for April’s Council election. He joins Albert Vera, the second candidate to announce, in what is expected to be a large field. Mr. Lee’s new campaign already has received the support of two-term … Read More

Speaking of Relics, Here Is Columbus Day

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Left-wing racists are enjoying, arguably, their finest week since their philosophical ancestors formed the Klan a century and a half ago. As committed racists, they do not need a reason for outlawing Columbus Day observances, ugh, by white and non-white people all across our country. Columbus Day, you will forgive the pun, now is history in 16 states. Like a … Read More

Gunning for a Sensible Solution

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Dateline Dayton – After the mass killings in Las Vegas, what goes through a person’s mind that makes him want to do this? Guns do not kill. People do. If you want to outlaw guns, we need to outlaw everything else that kills, such as rocks, slingshots, bows and arrows, automobiles, motorcycles, even medicine. People kill. I do not own … Read More

Four Men Who Don’t Stand (or Think) Tall

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Mr. Brown, left, and Mr. de Leon

Jerry Brown. Stephen Paddock. Colin Kaepernick. Kevin de Leon. At a glance, the bunching may seem lopsided. But each of these despicable persons has been spitting on our country, our flag, our democracy this season. They deserve whatever punishment can be meted out – after being forced to publicly recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Either that or ship them to … Read More

Are Transients or Guests Being Treated Like Tramps?

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Words pack meaning, subtle and otherwise, as journalists – and some City Council members – know. Did Meghan Sahli-Wells insult users of airbnb facilities by calling them transients? At the City Council meeting two weeks ago, three speakers accused the Councilwoman of offending their guests by plastering them with the intensely derogatory label. Typically, transient characterizes homeless, hopeless types, bums, … Read More

No Need for State to Go Crook-Shopping

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Is Ms. Napolitano straight?

The well-documented corruption in various wings of California state government shows few signs of abating: Even though Gov. Brown’s latest questionable appointees to the state’s powerful Public Utilities Commission have been held up, no one has yet been penalized for several fix-is-in decisions there that are costing consumers billions of dollars. Energy Commission members who handed out many millions of … Read More

Capturing the Magic for One Shabbat Night

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What if someone told you that you could literally get off life’s treadmill  and just breathe for a moment, actually for a full 24 hours? Wouldn’t you jump at the chance? You might think about your future plans, reflect on your past. Could you imagine that? Or what if you could just feel very zen-like, appreciating your life-realizing, connecting to … Read More

A Burned-out Politician Sets a Race Fire

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Standing on a lonely corner

Starved for adulation, one of Culver City’s angriest and least serious leftist politicians, not known for his original thinking, posted himself on a social media street corner the other morning. He was celebrating his recent election as president of the leftists’ New Shoestring Tiers Club. Emulating a latter-day Howdy Doody (there is a resemblance), the failed office-seeker asked passersby to … Read More

You Won’t Fall Asleep Reading This Essay

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I never wanted to go in for a sleep study. The thought of sleeping with electrodes attached to my body sounded so unnatural. Then a week ago, I was reading my son-in-law’s Popular Science magazine.  I came across an ad for a $150 sleep device that would measure all aspects of my sleep without wires. I learned that the device, … Read More