You Wanna Be Tall – Okay, You Are Tall — at 5-2

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As one of the 98 percent of Americans who is straight, I was saddened more than surprised by last Friday’s silly ruling that same-sex marriage is the equivalent of marriage. This is like assuring a dog he is as tall as a giraffe. The hound will feel taller. Feelings are the central goal of leftists who embrace victimhood the way … Read More

The Day Gay Marriage Became Law

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When the U.S. Supreme Court – formerly misconceived as conservative — legalized same-sex marriage by a 5-4 vote this morning in every state in the union, it crowned the most jubilant 24-hour period in decades for the left-wing. Formerly, same-sex marriage had been approved in 36 states. As predicted for months, Justice Anthony Kennedy, ever the swing vote, wrote the … Read More

At 57, Is Solis Too Old to Grow a Backbone?

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Hilda Solis. Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Here is how you can tell when a politician knows he or she has committed a moral wrong, starring Hilda (I Vote Yes) Solis: The best story of the day is the County Board of Supervisors’ 3-2 vote to delay approving, for county territory, the $15 wage floor the Los Angeles City Council dictated a month ago. Isn’t it amazing … Read More

President’s Tongue Willfully Wobbles Out of Control

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President Obama. Photo: Associated Press

The raw classlessness of President Obama, our country’s highest profile race-baiter, continues to disappoint and disgust, steadily degrading whatever particles of American prestige survive the unprecedented behavioral onslaught of his 6½ years in office. reports today ( that Mr. Obama participated last week in a podcast studio interview for a show known only by its three-letter acronym that contains … Read More

As Plain as Nose on Your Second Layer of Skin

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Rachel Dolezal

Having been mistaken three times for a midget, twice for a North Korean, and once for a Democrat, I can empathize with Rachel G. Dolezal. As a semi-comrade, I have several questions since she crawled into the office on all three and resigned this afternoon as president of the funny looking Spokane NAACP chapter: How did Bill Clinton miss you … Read More

Sissy Boys of Washington Surrender on Jerusalem

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Dateline Culver City, Nothing — Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish state since Moses led the Exodus from Egypt, a 40-year journey across the desert, into Palestine, which, for the benefit of liberals in Newspaperland, occurred prior to the 21st century. This became a crucial point 24 hours ago when chicken-hearted, Jew-dreading American liberals scored another splashy victory … Read More

They Are Two of a Kind

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The Jew-loathing editor of the Jewish Journal is attempting to become the last blind American Jew to starchly defend the first open-faced anti-Semite to occupy the White House. Along with a frightening naiveté and lack of maturity, he  is pathetically uncomfortable in his Jewish skin. In each week’s edition, after perfuming himself with a  suffocating whiff of hollow narcissism, Mr. … Read More

Guilty as Charged

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Photo: Al Seib/Los Angeles Times

Trifling though it is, the only cheering news about the Los Angeles City Council robotically approving its $15 minimum wage law this morning is that the jelly-spined boys did not – yet – grant the Los Angeles Thugs the exemption they sought for unionized businesses. After the 13-1 vote – thank you again Mitch Englander — the boys preened, virtually … Read More

Trapped in Prison for 12 Years

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This used to be a signal day in our home, Pop’s birthday. For all of his softly aimed periodic bluster, Pop was a gentleman of modesty, a characteristic he, the oldest in his family, failed to convey to his eldest child. I kept resisting until it was too late. Six years ago this month we lost Pop, and I do … Read More

UCLA Prof Makes It a Clean Sweep

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Prof. Saree Makdisi

Re: “You Never Are Right. I Never Am Wrong” UCLA Prof. Saree Makdisi awkwardly applied rhetorical schizophrenia yesterday in a Los Angeles Times essay on the incendiary subject of when or if criticism of Israel amounts to anti-Semitism. He reminded me of the practicing thief who visits your home under the guise of public service and demonstrates how to protect … Read More