A Black Man with a Name for Mayor Dear That Is Not Endearing

Letters to the EditorLetters

By Basil Kimbrew

An open letter to Carson Mayor Jim Dear:

[img]1507|right|Basil Kimbrew||no_popup[/img]After your appearance on Saturday at Cal State Dominguez Hills, where former Carson City Councilman Mike Gipson was installed as the newest member of the state Assembly, you owe an apology African Americans to Carson’s African American women.

You are a racist, sir.

This is not 1815. This is the year 2015,
and you will not disrespect the black women of Carson.
The Carson African American men allowed Mr. Dear to call Councilwoman Lula Davis Holmes a b—- two years ago.

You guys better stand up this time to Jim Dear or I will.
He will not get away with  disrespecting our African American women.
[img]2877|left|Jim Dear||no_popup[/img]Last Saturday, we all witnessed racist Mr. Dear disrespecting our city clerk Donesia Gause (Mr. Dear’s opponent in the March 3 race for city clerk), Mayor Chris Brown of Hawthorne, the African American women of Carson, the African American elected officials who spoke, and all 600 African American people in attendance to celebrate the swearing in of our new African American Assemblyman Mr. Gipson
This is Black History Month.

Mayor Dear will not shame Carson African Americans.

I grew up in Carson, and I went to Gardena High School, class of 1971.
I'm asking all African American community leaders, the Compton NAACP, the Carson NAACP, chefs, activists, veterans, fraternities, sororities, seniors, and elected officials, to join me at the next Carson City Council, Tuesday, Feb. 17, 6 o’clock. ,
RSVP me directly at
bkimbrew111@yahoo.com or 951.287.3872.