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On Thursday evening, the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts of Culver City High School will present its Winter Music Concert at 8 o’clock at the Vets Auditorium.

The concert features the AVPA’s five main ensembles: orchestra, concert band, chamber singers, jazz ensemble, and jazz combo.

At 6:30, pre-concert music will be presented by the clarinet and flute ensembles.

Admission is free.

The AVPA’s Music program is busy with additional Christmas holiday performances:

  • Orchestra — 1:30, Wednesday, at the Senior Center
  • Chamber Singers and Jazz Combo — Vista Del Sol retirement home performance on Saturday
  • Chamber Singers — Performance for Culver City Woman’s Club on next Monday

See www.avpa.org

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Support our future AVPA students!

The Culver City Middle School Winter Concert is Wednesday, December 7, 7pm at Veterans Memorial Building

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The AVPA Foundation is an essential supporter of the entire AVPA program. Your donations support on-going programs across all five arts departments, providing professional instruction, materials, and experiences. Please consider a year-end gift to the AVPA Foundation! Visit our donation page to see how you can donate by clicking here!

You can also support AVPA Foundation by shopping online with Amazon Smile! Sign up to make the AVPA Foundation the benefactor of your shopping – click here to go to Amazon Smile! We are listed as “Academy of Visual and Performing Arts Foundation.”

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