10 Commandments for the Survival of America

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Mr. Rosebrock

Fellow Americans

The following was written nearly a half-century ago by an older cousin, Ronald Rosebrock, and published in the Indianapolis Star.

Just a few days before his retirement from General Motors 25 years ago, Ronald was tragically killed by a drunken driver in a head-on collision.

Nevertheless, Ronald’s profound 10 Commandments guidelines for the Survival of America live on.

Note where he proclaims these guidelines would be “effective in helping to keep America free and great.”

At that time, 1972, he called for “keeping America great.”

Meanwhile in 2008, President Obama set out to “fundamentally transform America.” Now President Trump calls for “Making America Great Again.”

Note Commandment No. 3:

Then see the link as to where we are today, particularly in the Socialist Republic of California:

First grader sent to office for “misgendering” fellow student


From the Indianapolis Star, Monday, Feb. 14, 1972:

Rosebrock Issues Commandments for Survival of United States

Many centuries ago, Moses wrote laws for individual guidance. He called them the Ten Commandments. Today, America needs some laws to guide its government. If used as guidelines by the government, laws, such as the ones that follow, would be effective in helping to keep America free and great.

The 10 Commandments for the Survival of America.

  1. Thou shalt maintain a military superiority over all other nations.


  1. Thou shalt not tax the working man more than 30 per cent of his wages per year (to include income, real estate, sales, Social Security, and all taxes).


  1. Thou shalt have a program in all schools that would develop masculinity in the male and femininity in the female.


  1. Thou shalt have a continuous building and development program that would benefit all citizens (mono-rails along the interstates, development of parks and recreational areas).


  1. Thou shalt have programs in the schools that encourage honesty, integrity and character in youth.


  1. Thou shalt keep all enterprise available to the individual, repealing all laws that tend to restrain or discourage small enterprise (stiff inspection codes, unreasonable permit and license fees, unfair zoning and ordinance codes).


  1. Thou shalt have in schools a system that encourages challenge and instills the uniquely American competitive spirit in the youth.


  1. Thou shalt not pay any able-bodied person money, without requiring his time in return. (It would exclude those on retirement and the disabled)


  1. Thou shalt have a tax on all foreign imports to make that import sell for at least as much as a similar American-made product.


  1. Thou shalt make America the cleanest country in the world (to include air, water, streets and people).


Ronald Rosebrock

Southport, Ind.


God Bless America!

Robert L. Rosebrock may be contacted at rrosebrock1@aol.com

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