Cops at Fault in Charlottesville, Says Camarella

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Mr. Camarella

First of two parts

The most important and depressint lesson from the Charlottesville tragedy rests on a three-pronged prod, says community activist Tom Camarella.

History is repeating.

“Here in 1965 with the Watts Riots, here in 1991 with Rodney King and last weekend in Charlottesville, the police did the exact same thing,” he said. “They stood there.

“And they knew what was going to happen.”

There is no doubt in Mr. Camarella’s constantly churning mind where to aim the blame for the death and injuries that destroyed a neo-Nazi protest against the proposed removal of a statue of Confederate hero Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Uniformed police officers.

To critics, the cops seemed to evade the fray instead of confronting and quelling it.

Mr. Camarella probably is the most articulate political activist in Culver City.

One ringing reason is, he stamps every syllable – not merely every word – with the resounding perspiring passion of his convictions.

On this morning, Mr. Camarella had tuned into the Thom Hartman Show on Free Speech TV. He was recounting what he regarded as a caller’s bullseye inquiry.

“A woman said she could not understand why police were standing by in Charlottesville.

“Thom said, ‘They have had 500 years of practice. They should know what to do – but they are not doing it.’”

Mr. Camarella promptly called the Hartman program.

“I said ‘Look, the exact same thing happened in 1965 in the Watts Riots, which we call the Rebellion.

“‘The police stood by. They didn’t go to the area. They all stayed in their compounds.’”

Mr. Camarella was furious, voicing an opinion he shares with millions.


(To be continued)

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