Critics Have the Lungs but Lack Solutions

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Leftists are as predictable as the calendar, just not as useful.

Like robotic brats, leftists screamed, on schedule, after Las Vegas. Then they whispered, “No, we don’t know how to fix this.”

No one was supposed to be listening. Wish granted.

Leftists are like a stopped clock – right for 2 minutes out of every 24 hours.

In the tradition of brats, they possess no solutions. That, dear reader, is the root problem, not guns.

A leftist’s lone responsibility is to bellow a one-word cry, “fire!,” when he sees something he is told to disagree with.

As you have noticed for the past 11 months, the lowest brows in America are attracted to the left because their only job is to belt out a single-syllable word.

Bulletin: Leftists want to ban guns – but from whom?

The boys never say. They don’t know.

Should only cops have them?

Maybe private detectives?

Maybe teachers who have been threatened by students?

Can homeowners have guns to protect themselves?

Or should they rely merely on the empathy of leftists who will mourn their murders as a darned shame.

This brings us to Las Vegas.

After leftists struck out in their baseless but psychologically obligatory criticism of President Trump’s handling of corrupt Puerto Rico, Las Vegas provided a chance for leftists to spit – again – on the U.S. Constitution.

With much practice, their aim is good.

Their motivation is the opposite.

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