For Curren, the Price Is Wrong Nearly Every Time

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Mr. Price

Curren Price is given to ignorant racist statements that force you to ask how many times in a week he puts the correct shoe on the correct foot.

Is he auditioning for Saturday Night Live?

This week the daffy dope defender was celebrating a new Los Angeles policy regarding applicants to operate retail cannabis stores.

The line sounds like a rejected Three Stooges script. The Social Equity policy holds that potheads who have done time  deserve priority consideration.

As for Mr. Price, he was invisible during the sad years he almost “represented” Culver City in the state Legislature – although he never failed to cash his check.

Since being elected to the Los Angeles City Council in 2013, with a straight face, he has been crying “victim of racism” every time a bird chirps. There is a correlation. His parrot has taught the phrase to fellow birds.

It was predictable that a career car-chaser like Mr. Price would be first to leap into a large tub of slimy, smelly fish known as – hold the laughter – the Los Angeles Cannabis Social Equity program (

Created by the EFP group (Einsteins for Potheads) and unveiled last month, it is drawn up for Mr. Price’s favorite constituents – fake victims.

On cue, the politically correct dope defender said that criminalization of marijuana “unfairly targeted communities of color.”

Therefore, by simple logic, he endorses the plan to put ex-cons of color in charge of marijuana stores.

Choosing seasoned businessmen is so yesterday, says Mr. Price.

“I am ready to level the playing field,” he added while denying he is jumping from politics to construction before he has educated American society.

The Price Is Wrong never will be elected president of the Chamber of Commerce this way.

While donning glasses upside down and and adjusting his pasted-on moustache, he told the Los Angeles Times:

“We should not just be rolling out the red carpet to those deep pockets or powerful corporations.”

At that moment, a drunk staggered by. He winked. “Hey, Curren, will ya buy a store fer me?”

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