Eriksson Wonders About City’s Interest in Cannabis

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Mr. Eriksson

Legalized marijuana is supposed to be the most scintillating topic in the community – but only a magician who can slickly make numbers appear, could prove it.

The astute international businessman Goran Eriksson, a member of the City Council, was in the audience last week when an executive from a cannabis management firm addressed a Chamber of Commerce breakfast open to the public.

Mr. Eriksson surveyed his memory and concluded that he did not hear any information that surprised him.

Quickly, he corrected himself.

The disappointing surprise was that the splendid, comprehensive update by Morgan Sokol of the Culver City firm Med Men, drew a modest crowd.

Where was the community?

Mr. Eriksson is puzzled by the overt lack of interest from a community known for its activism.

“There were fewer people there than I thought there would be,” he said. “This is a fairly substantial change that is coming regarding what the city is going to do or not do.

“I don’t think people are fully aware of what is going on.”

As a prominent member of City Hall, Mr. Eriksson said the argument that legalizing marijuana is going to be a moneymaker for hometown government is not true.

He had met previously with Med Men personnel, and he knew what to expect.

A storm of questions from audience members, especially parent-oriented ones, poured in – showing that segments of Culver City are worried about what will happen when, and if, legalization of marijuana as a normative business rolls out on Jan. 1.

At times the state Legislature has seemed only shruggingly concerned about Jan, 1.


Ms. Sokol noted that new laws may/not take effect on the first day of 2018.

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