Killing Trump Is a Laughing Matter to Liberals

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The pathetically disgusting scene liberals think is funny

Second of two parts

Re “Hand Me Peanut Butter So I Can Smear Someone

Why I am trying to love liberals:

An alleged person named Snoop Dogg, accent on the second syllable, recently escaped from an institution and shot a video in which a caricature of President Trump, called Ron Klump and garbed in a clown suit, is assassinated.

Death is a stitch to liberals.


Being both a Dogg and a liberal, Dogg, reportedly an entertainer, thought his astoundingly immoral stunt was funny. So did the liberal community.

Talk of assassination of President Trump has been making the rounds of liberal dungeons since Nov. 8.

Decency is so scarce among liberals, however, that no one, from Obama to Clinton, has bothered to condemn Dogg.

On a Related Matter

Yesterday we were discussing the crude front-page trashing of Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil M. Gorsuch by the print leader in fake news, The New York Times.

As if they were working for the old National Enquirer, New York magazine, the New York Daily News, even Mad magazine, two low-brow Times reporters were assigned to do a hit piece – sort of the print version of the old Mafia – on Mr. Gorsuch.

Innuendo, lies, hyperbole, reporter-opinion – all once anathema to the Times – were to be packed into the slimy takedown of Mr. Gorsuch and his virginal reputation.

The reason for destroying Mr, Gorsuch: He is a Republican.

You presume Savage and Turkewitz, the reporters, got drunk or high on drugs before they continually stabbed Mr. Gorsuch’s image.

The unethical reporters’ worst finding:

That Mr. Gorsuch has associated with a “secretive billionaire” who lives not far from him in Colorado.

Even with the insertion and assertion of lies, the liberal reporters could not unearth a single wrong or near-wrong Mr. Gorsuch had committed.

So they implied that merely knowing, and occasionally even associating with the “secretive billionaire” was a dastardly wrong.

As the New York Post noted, how secretive is a billionaire if he owns a piece of the Lakers and a piece of the Staples Center “and has financed  several major movies”?

The first liberal commandment is to be teeth-baringly jealous of people who have accumulated more money than you have.

The filthiness of the Times piece is a vexing reminder of why liberals, lacking in knowledge and etiquette, refuse to debate. Instead, they choose to spit.

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