The Night That Truth Was Shot to Death

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You never could have discerned this elephant-sized truism from last weekend’s loaded coverage of the Charlottesville Conference of Street Scholars:

Each one of the square-headed behemoths from the right and the left who squared off in gutless gutter warfare is an embarrassment to his family.

If we assume all of the mentally wounded warriors on the supremacist right required eight years to limp through – or around – high school, the blimp-sized boys on the left side of the fight scarcely can boast just because they sailed through in a slick 7½.

Truth died of a heart attack in Charlottesville.

Honesty never made it out of the dugout.

Perspective, boys: What occurred in Charlottesville happens almost hourly in Chicago.

Both the Chicago news and the Chicago players calculatedly are buried.

The daily and massive human trashing in Chi-town – America’s most dangerous burg — is carefully not covered for an important reason:

The players do not fit the scripted leftist political narrative.

The players in Charlottesville do.

That is why you will be reading about Charlottesville until Christmas.

Among the millions of overwritten, happily and hopefully hyped words on Charlottesville, not one of the boys from the fake media has bothered to ask why the toadstools on the left bungled into the streets to perform for the cameras.

If anyone merits criticism, it is the caveboys and cavegirls at Charlottesville City Hall. In a slip of their small minds, they granted the white supremacists a parade permit.

The setup was obviously phony. Leftists figured it out – and played their roles to the hilt.

The extremely intelligent Charlottesville mayor read his script flawlessly. On cue, he blamed President Trump. Jubilant script-writers roared their approval.

Never mind that the script opened with Charlottesville’s elected officials bowing to pressure.

They agreed to disappear a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee, Confederate hero. The vanquishment was a requirement of Charlottesville’s History Cooking 101 class.

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