No Fire – What Is the Rush or Worry About?

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Chief White

No matter what is going on in the world, Dave White and his moustache consistently resemble the happiest couple in town.

Unflappable, he is.

Just the kind of personality you want to be n charge.

At a time when a gathering uproar is nearing City Hall with the complex regulations, exotic sounds and scenes of fully legalized marijuana, the fire chief is the calmest person in the room.

What does Chief White make of the present state of sometimes emotional negotiations concerning newly legal cannabis businesses in Culver City?

“I don’t have any concerns,” he said. “I know we will be able to deal with whatever challenges might come up.”

Specifically, what will be the responsibilities of the Fire Dept. next year when cannabis stores figure to start emerging?

“For businesses that are approved to do that, we would be responsible for the fire inspections and approving fire protection plans,” Chief White said.

Cannabis or dry cleaners.

“We would be involved with whatever kind of business is established here,” he said.

“We would make sure it conforms to the Fire Code, and that whatever protections need to be in place, they will be.”

Does Chief White dread the arrival of these explosive new enterprises?

“No,” he said matter-of-factly. They are all around us already.”

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