Why Proper Ladies Spurn Politics

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How can you take seriously people who carp this way:

 The New York Times, wearing an almost-straight face, complains that barely 25 percent of the City Council is comprised of ladies.

Bean-counting libs bristle – as soon as they put on their makeup.

To heck with having babies.

To heck with ironing clothes.

To heck with fixing dinner, argue the bitter and confused boys and girls at the Times.

Be a real lady. Run for political office. Stand shoulder to shoulder with real men, no matter how strongly you or they smell.

In exasperation, the Times wipes its leaky brow with two hands and rubs its wet hands on its aging support hose.

Man-up, the Times ordered girls and ladies in its lead editorial last Thursday.

The odor of what seemed like an April Fool’s joke turned out to be a serious liberal argument, as serious as liberals can be without soiling their clothes.

Once a respected, well-written newspaper, the Times suggested it was anguishing because too many ladies are fulfilling the roles G-d intended for them instead of competing with the other gender like good little libs.

And we quote:

Women’s light presence in government is not a case of their faring worse than men at the ballot box. The CUNY Institute for State and Local Governance, a research group at the City University of New York, found that the sexes win or lose elections nationwide at about the same rates. The issue, the institute said in a report last September, is that women tend not to run for office in the first place.”

What is wrong with that – unless you want to date a brawny lady who could play defensive tackle for the Rams? I choose dainty, feminine.

Speeding up as she drove past a mental institution, Hillary admitted on NBC last week that she lost the young women’s vote because “their boyfriends, husbands, fathers and make employers told them to vote for Trump.”

A notable public admission for a man-loathing old broad.

The Times quotes the left-wing Brookings Institution as finding that most women desire to fulfill their traditional roles as females, meaning grains of sanity are strewn along liberal beaches.

One Comment on ““Why Proper Ladies Spurn Politics”

  1. Lauri

    Wow. Even taking into account the slurs slung at our previous president on this site, this is the most hateful thing I’ve seen here. Astonishing. Shameful.

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