Sponsors Deliver for Culver High Football

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Mr. Morabito

Because of limited athletic budgets in many school districts. most good athletic programs have to fund raise to help offset large costs to run their programs.

Since Culver City High School does not have crowds of 4,000 and 5,000 for its football games, the school has to rely on sponsors — and major sponsors — to help keep a competitive program going.

Fortunately, we are blessed in Culver City to have a caring and involved community that likes to help out many of the athletic programs as well as other worthy programs.

Recently, generous realtor Michael Morabito of The Agency, Beverly Hills, bought the largest sponsorship in Culver City football history.

With his donation, the school approved for him to be the first official sponsor to have his name and company hang a banner on the football scoreboard year-round.

Obviously with the exposure at the football games and other year-round functions including graduation, he is hoping to attract a large amount of local exposure for his contribution.

“If any of the football players’ parents decide to sell their homes and I represent them, I will donate a portion back to the football program,” Mr. Morabito said.

He will be formally introduced to the team within the next week or so.

One of Mr. Morabito’s local clients is former Centaur quarterback and Culver City builder Darin Dolce.

Mr. Dolce recently returned from Colorado where he ran his company.

He has decided to return to his roots and buy and build homes in and around the area.

Mr. Morabito, a successful realtor for several years, represents buyers, sellers, builders and investors in Culver City, Westside and the Palisades area.

An easy-going guy, he works hard and understands the need to give back to the kids and the community to show his support and involvement to make it a better city.

Mr. Morabito may be reached at The Agency at 424.672-.4111.

Another new major sponsor for the Culver High football program is Culver City Honda, which gave a generous donation of $2,000.

 Inviting Customers

With that, it will display one of its cars at a home game.

General Manager Todd Daciek, said he was excited to be a part of the Culver City football sponsorship program.  He was instrumental in working with the corporate office to explain the importance of community involvement, and this is why Honda has decided to partner up with the Centaurs.

Mr. Daciek is looking forward to meeting with players and their parents. He  invites all to test drive the new Hondas and to come to the games to see one of the cars up close and personal.

Culver City Honda,  Downtown, on Washington Boulevard, just east of The Culver Studios.  For inquiries, call the Honda store at 424.298.6700.

One of the longest major sponsors has been Sees Candies, who has consistently donated to the Culver High football program for more than 10 years.

Sees makes popular chocolate candies and other confections. Their store on the east side of Culver City is near Rodeo and La Cienega.

Another longtime sponsor of Culver City football, a generous supporter over the last 10 years, is Sal Gonzalez of Culver City Volvo.

After undergoing a major expansion on its property, Culver City Volvo, at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Sepulveda,  invites community members to meet its salesmen and test drive one of its cars.

Among other recent new sponsors is Fawad Ursani of the 7-11 market, on the corner of Braddock and Sepulveda.  He has another location on Sepulveda across the street from Sorrento Market.

Mr. Ursani has been donating time and money to the Culver City football program.

Another sponsor is Grey Block Pizza, who donated the Culver City baseball scoreboard.   Although Grey Block Pizza recently sold its store in Culver City, it still operates a few other local restaurants and still wanted to be a contributor of the local program.

Two recent new additions to the major sponsorship level ($500 or more) include a new gaming company called Blue Screen Gaming, a computer game room recently opened on Washington Boulevard. near Cox Paint. They invite team gamers and gamers of all ages to check out their new store.

Another new major sponsor is the Amitai team, which consists of Roni and Lee, a former Centaur tennis player.   Roni and Lee understand the involvement of giving back to the community.

Another recent sponsor team is Heather Coombs-Perez and Art Perez of Heather and Art Realtors.  Heather is a Centaur former homecoming queen.  They have sold many properties around Culver City and have been very involved in the community. donating their time to charitable and worthy causes.

Longtime realtor Dannie Cavanaugh last year jumped up to the major sponsor level.  His father founded the company over 50 years ago.  Mr. Cavana8ghalways given back to the community.

Alumnus and attorney David Bass and insurance broker Michelle Maher Ford have been recent major sponsors of Culver High’s football program as well as Robert Ford of Ford’s Plumbing.

Centaur alumnus Lauren Reynolds, founder of At-Home Nursing Care, also sponsors.

Amongt other major sponsors are the Police Officers Assn., the Firefighters Assn., Sandy Segal Health Center, Culver City Education Foundation, and Kevin Ross, father of football player  Charles Ross.

Finally,he football program thanksTito’s Tacos, Campos Burritos, Tub’s Chili, and Flavor Table for continuing to feed hungry football players during the upcoming two-a-day practices.

The Culver City football program is on a mission to win its third league title in a row and first CIF championship since 1978.

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