Here Is a War Whoop for Mood, Uh, Indigo

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Gazing across Los Angeles, there may not be anything exceptional about awakening every morning this week with a drenched forehead.

Perspiration reigns. And rains.

Nervous time has arrived.

The first Indigenous People’s Day is approaching faster than a leftist can convince a National Football League potted plant to perform on cue for the nice people.

Further, the American League’s best team, the Cleveland Indigenouses, is hosting its first playoff game this afternoon.

Tribes of Indigenouses all across our beautiful land are sharpening their tomahawks this morning, reviving an old Indigenous practice.

To the beautiful background strains of the 1930 jazz melody, Mood Indigo (Duke Ellington & His Orchestra – Mood Indigo (1930) – YouTube), they are preparing to chop heads of lettuce before serving their traditional Indigenous People’s Day feast:

  • Chop suey,
  • Chopped lettuce,
  • Pork chops and
  • Chocolate chop cookies.

Because we were taught as children not to speak unkindly about family, potted plant sportswriters who enable potted plant football players to perform like trained seals, we will defer to the garden editor.

This brings us to pithy observations from a City Hall insider:

“I would like to know the answers to three questions,” said CHI, as the City Hall insider prefers to be known.

“If these fellows truly care about black lives,

  • “How many NFL players are registered to vote?
  • How many did?
  • How many of them are going to the funerals of the seven black murder victims in Chicago last weekend?”

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