What Is the Meaning of This Apology?

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Gravesite of one of the slaves Georgetown sold in 1838

I would like to apologize for the group of Jesuit priests who apologized for Georgetown University, one of the stars of the radical left universe.


Evidently they overdosed on something Tuesday morning.

Employing what passed for straight faces, the priests bowed low and apologized to the 100 descendants of the 292 slaves whom Georgetown sold in 1838 to pay off the school’s debts.


Looks nice to leftist racists, but what is the meaning of this meaningless gesture?


Both sides are behaving as if they are human robots who prevent the left from being taken seriously.


This playlet could be the next outer space hit on Netflix.


These presumably well-intentioned but wildly unrealistic people may look familiar.  They are the same mechanical sycophants who, when ordered, shuffle into the street to protest President Trump, they know not why.

On further orders, they roam into Republican town halls. There they protest policies they are not familiar with.


The president of the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States drew the shrunken straw and had to read the following statement:


“The Society of Jesus, who helped establish Georgetown University, and whose leaders enslaved and mercilessly sold your ancestors, stands before you to say that we have greatly sinned in our thoughts and in our words, in what we have done and in what we have failed to do,” said Father Tim Kesicki.


If possible, the president of Georgetown made a hollower statement. “We do not seek to move on with this apology,” said John J. DeGioia, “but to move forward with open hearts to respond to the urgent demands of justice, still present in our time.”


The meaning may be clouded, but by thunder, betcha Mr. DeGioia feels better – and that is why leftism exists, to make the guilty feel cleansed.


Pass the soap, Murgatroyd, while Georgetown gives admission prioroty to descendants of the sold slaves.

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