Wheeee! Was That Blur the City Council?

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In its high-speed dash to meet a fog-shrouded deadline as clouded as the subject at hand, the City Council’s second reading of complicated, incomplete new retail marijuana rules is on the calendar for next Monday.

If I were a concerned member of the public,” said a 30’ish concerned member of the Culver City public, “I would say the City Council is so inconsistent as to be hypocritical.

They are hypocrites,” said the near Downtown business owner.

Lightly, they grant a 120-day extension for the public to study new drilling rules for the tiny 10 percent of the Inglewood Oil Field in Culver City. These rules are serious, but thet affect few.

Many families with children of all ages are worried about commercial cannabis coming to town next year. They are scared about the three retail stores, what they will do to our community, especially our children. My sons are too young now, but that will change.

Those hypocrites on the Council really, really want the complicated guidelines to pass fast before the public has a chance to study them,” the young father said.

I don’t know why. They are on a mission. The public is not going to be able to stop them.”

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