I Am Getting Healthier, but…

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Just in the past few weeks, four important health aspects of my life have shown improvement. As I age, all is not going downhill, it seems.

My Sleep

My sleep has improved, apparently due to a combination of the following:

After much experimentation, trying to sleep with each of the 14 pillows in my house, I finally decided that my MyPillow is the most comfortable.  But I am still searching for that elusive, more comfortable pillow.

I am making good use of my S+ sleep device and its suggestions for better sleep, which are tailored to my sleep problems.  For the months of both October and November, my average Sleep Score was 75, average for my age.  For the first week of this month, my average Sleep Score was 81.

I decided not to take Tylenol PM any more.  Not only does it give a hangover, it does not help me to sleep better on most nights.

My Toe Tingling

My toe tingling at night, which I originally thought was a pinched nerve problem, apparently is due to sugar intake and my pre-diabetic condition. It has significantly diminished, apparently due to a combination of the following:

I am eating fewer sugary foods.  I find myself rejecting candies, cakes and many processed foods.

I am trying hard not to eat after dinner.  During the three hours from 6 p.m. to my bedtime, I allow myself to drink only water or decaf tea.

My Balance

My balance has improved, apparently due to a combination of the following.

I have learned great ideas in my Balance Class, and I have been practicing them.

My recently purchased new tennis shoes have given me added support. They have helped my balance significantly.

My Cough

My 43-year-old cough asthma has improved, apparently due to a combination of the following:

Last week, I started drinking thicker liquids instead of water. I add one-part 100 perccent juice, no-added-sugar nectar such as Mango, to three or more parts of water.  This has significantly cut down on my coughing.  This, apparently because the thickened liquid, goes down the throat more slowly and, consequently, the glottis reflex has more time to prepare for the liquid’s approach.

When I drink water, I usually cough as water droplets or water spray impinge on my glottis.

I always have coughed more when I am tired. Now that I am sleeping better, I am coughing less often.

I believe I am getting healthier as I age. The problem is that as I am aging, I am likely getting less healthy.  Taken together, I suppose the two balance each other.

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