Rhone Sweeps 3 States

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Former ATP pro Rollin Rhone of Culver City slices a backhand shot.

Former professional touring tennis player Rollin Rhone of Culver City won senior tournaments last month in the three western states without losing a set in the finals.

The seventh-ranked player in the nation in the 60s-age bracket, Mr. Rhone took titles in the Oregon State, Washington State and Southern California Sectional Championships against players from around the country.

“To win in every state at this level on the West Coast was quite an honor,” said Mr. Rhone, a former ATP touring competitor.

He has coached tennis in Southern California since the 1980s.

He soon plays in the Nationals in Seattle in singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Mr. Rhone is often seen on local courts working with players of all abilities.

“I enjoy sharing my sports knowledge to the community on all levels,” he said.

“My students learn how to play the ball, put points together and have more fun.”

Mr. Rhone may be reached at 310.948.0580.

His wife, Shari, is a physical education specialist at Farragut Elementary School.


Mr. Cohen may be contacted at mrculvercity@ca.rr.com

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