What’s Better Than 140 Tito’s Tacos? Ask Vets

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Tito’s Tacos’ server Alma Bautista, manager Mathew Nunez and server Ivan Hernandez load up food supplies for 140 veterans.

In a patriotic gesture that could be copied by others, Tito’s Tacos, one of Culver City’s iconic businesses, served up a lunchtime spread last week for 140 U.S. military veterans.

For Lynne Davidson, owner of the popular eatery at 11222 Washington Pl., known for its sidewalk lines, this is an every-year event.

Owner Lynne Davidson said she did it because these veterans “unselfishly have served the United States in a wide variety of conflicts around the world.

“Not only that, they are currently in the recovery process.

“They hope to return soon to mainstream society,” said Ms. Davidson, “once their physical and mental issues are properly attended to at the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital.”

Tito’s Tacos’ server Alma Bautista,  manager Mathew Nunez and server Ivan Hernandez load up food supplies for 140 veterans

The Tito’s Tacos’ donated menu at this yearly event included 250 Tito’s tacos with cheese, 150 beef, bean and cheese burritos, chips and salsa.

Tito’s included an assortment of PepsiCo products to help make the veterans’ mid-day dining experience a fulfilling one.

One of the younger veterans was heard quoting from the Tito’s Tacos jingle to a fellow patient, saying, “Hey, do you know what the only thing better than a Tito’s Tacos is?” When his companion didn’t know the answer offhand, the veteran then said “It’s two, dude!”

Tito’s Tacos looks forward to providing their award-winning cuisine to a whole new batch of veteran patients next year, Ms. Davidson said.

“We encourage others in our community to do whatever you can do to help our often times forgotten heroes.”

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