Arts vs. the Military

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Mr. Rosebrock

Fellow Americans,

Los Angeles Times “culture critics” Carolina A. Miranda and Christopher Knight whine about President Trump’s federal government budget “not spending a penny for the National Endowment for the Arts … while spending nearly $538 billion a year for National Defense.”

What does NEA’s $148 million budget buy? 7,789,473 taco bowls but not even one mile of the 405 Freeway —

Once again the Los Angeles Times reports “fake news.”

The truth is that American taxpayers collectively donate nearly $538 billion a year to defend the U.S. Constitution, which includes the First Amendment right that protects “Freedom of Expression.” That includes the right to express one’s opinion(s) via “art.”

On the other hand, when a Veteran proudly displays the American flag on Memorial Day in honor of all the men and women who have pledged their lives to defend our U.S. Constitution and nation’s colors over the past 240 years, shouldn’t that be protected under “Freedom of Speech” and not a $5,000 fine and six months in prison?

But this isn’t newsworthy to the L.A. Times as not one of their so-called journalists or Editorial Board ever reported the truth about an out-of-control Los Angeles VA police force that considers the American flag to be nothing more than a “placard,” and then falsely arrests and brutally hand cuffs an elderly Veteran for exercising his First Amendment right to photograph their illegal illegal activity.

Photography is considered a form of “art” and is a First Amendment right.

Last Memorial Day, the same day I was falsely arrested for displaying two four by six inch American flags on purportedly VA property, the Los Angeles Times published a lengthy editorial criticizing the Dept. of Veterans Affairs for allowing the Confederate flag to be displayed at National Veteran cemeteries in the South.

A Times editorial: “Confederate Flag Pave No Place Flying Over National Cemeteries” —

Today the Times had a featured story about an unidentified man who entered U.S. Congressman Alan Lowenthal’s Capitol Hill office last Wednesday.  Apparently the man was upset about the display of a gay pride flag and pulled it from its stand outside the office to forcefully and repeatedly step on it

“Man pulls down gay pride flag outside Rep. Alan Lowenthal’s Washington office:”

Rep. Lowenthal said that Capitol police spoke with the man at the office.  “They told us he didn’t break any rules or any laws, so they let him go.”


Why are there such serious “double standards” between federal law enforcement officers with Capitol Hill police and Los Angeles VA police?

While more than 50 of our American flags are falsely imprisoned at VA police HQ and held as “evidence” for being a “placard,” according to Mr. Lowenthal, his gay pride flag is “already is back on display.”

Mr. Lowenthal said: “We’re proud to fly the pride flag, and we’re going to continue to show how proud we are.” 


So why are U.S. military Veterans being denied our dight to proudly display the American flag outside the VA and why are we falsely arrested and more than 50 of our American flags still incarcerated inside the VA?

Moreover, why is the Trump administration’s Dept. of Justice remaining absolutely silent about these incredulous double standards?

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!


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