Do Dentists Have Christmas Spirit?

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Mike Hennessey
Mike Hennessey

Dateline Dayton – As if the times aren’t hectic enough…

Last Thursday we attended church for the feast day, and then went to breakfast followed by important errands.

Later we drove down to Cincinnati for granddaughter Madi’s Christmas — or Holiday, as they refer to it — program.

Madi not only had a solo but also lines to speak.

Since fifth graders started, we left for a snack prior to the program. A great idea, but it became problematic when we had difficulty finding a parking space,

Saturday, I accompanied Terry, my new cash register collector friend here in Dayton, Terry, on a visit to a fellow collector in Indiana.

While we were at collector Jim’s home, he showed us handsome registers that are nicely displayed throughout his home.

Terry bought two registers, and I tried to buy his Piqua register, which he wouldn’t sell. I didn’t show him any money because I wanted to buy the register for a reasonable amount. After we returned home at 5 o’clock, I took Pauline out for supper.

On Sunday we returned to church for Mass, and then it was time for Christmas shopping. We accomplished a lot but we have more shopping thus weekend.

Monday night, with son Chris’s help, we took Pauline’s car in to be serviced, and then the three of us went out for supper.

We met the next day with the attorney for Father Joe, my late brother-in-law, to finalize his estate.

We were planning to stay in Piqua for a high school classmate’s funeral, but it was snowing hard by this time. We decided to head home, a wise decision, although I regret missing Diane’s service.

I left my office early on Wednesday so I could officially close the condo we are purchasing for our daughter. I also had items to pass out for the Carriage Trace unit, where I am now a director.

Today I am headed to the dentist. Not looking forward because he will not be happy when he learns my bridge is out as well as a tooth.

I have had dental problems lately — three emergency trips since my last cleaning six months ago.

I should have gone when the tooth and bridge came out. I can see pain and dollars being spent, in my future. Maybe my dentist will have the true Christmas spirit!

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