What the Boys of Baltimore Are Willfully Lacking

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Neither you nor I could have watched the marathon Baltimore zoological research of the last three days and remained untouched, possibly even unconverted.

Race was no more relevant to the juvenile rioting than it was a factor 34 years ago at Mom’s funeral.

Their copycat claims of being racially aggrieved would be worthy of serious ponder if one out of 25 boys rioting could spell “a-g-g-r-i-e-v-e-d.” Relevant if one out of 500 could define it without employing a curse word.

The racism claim, whether in a macro or micro sense, is a jar of unpalatable nonsense.

Life choices is their likely fatal illness. They choose to be failures.

The core problem is that 100 percent of the boys and men treat grammar as if she had been killed in the Civil War.

Close to 100 percent of the males on camera dropped out of school for one of three reasons, lack of values, congenital laziness, invisible motivation.

If one, just one, of them had said “we were” instead of “we was,” if one of them had hinted at remotely possessing a single moral value, we could listen.

I am guessing 99 percent of the boys grew up in what we used to call broken homes – a hardworking single mother, maybe or maybe not, and zero positive male influence. Mom is not around. She has to work two jobs to support her brood, The  kids grow up, well, they age, without rudimentary values.

Crime is an easy way for these insecure, utterly lost, youngsters to gain desperately needed attention. They do the crime, then do the time, then kvetch that The System is racist.

Obtaining a satisfactory education is quite within their reach, but not their will. They are as unmotivated as a two-hour-old baby.

That is their curse.

If they were starving, why would you hire any of these ruffians for the most menial jobs? They are wed for life to anger and trouble-searching. The disease is incurable — unless they stumble into someone who will teach them the remarkable powers of motivation.

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