Obama’s Kickouts Didn’t Matter, Did They?

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Two-thirds of the protestors in the audience at Monday night’s City Council meeting said they were present for the first time.

That’s nice.

All of them schlepped compact signs that read “Sanctuary Now.”

That’s nice.

Where have you been, people?

You are ‘way late to the dance.

Do all two-thirds of them read newspapers or track other purveyors of news?

None showed any flicker of life when discussing the state of immigration prior to this week.

They do not want their immigrant neighbors busted just because they had sneaked into the United States.

A lovely gesture, entirely understandable.

The sincere hometown ladies and the gentlemen worked themselves into steaming, matching lathers because 680 illegal immigrants – criminals – have been rounded up by ICE, and they don’t want this to be repeated in Culver City.



In an accidental imitation of The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight, the Council meeting protestors falsely aimed their fire at President Trump.

Sorry, guys. He is innocent.

These successful raids bore the familiar stench of the Obama administration. His boys gave the order, not Mr. Trump. I know. Picky, picky.

How fitting that Mr. Obama’s hometown is the murder capital of America. I digress.

Where were you protestors last month when Mr. Obama pulled one of his typical skunk stunts – permanently turning away at water’s edge frantic Cubans fleeing for their frightfully collapsing lives.

If you are protesting now after sitting on your notes for eight dreary years, your presidential history is made of stale paste — especially when contrasted with the excitement of President Trump’s atomic energy.

Hey, protestors: The egomaniacal Mr. Obama deported 2.8 million illegal aliens, more than any American president. You guys stood and cheered him.

As a pathetic empty vessel, former President Obama draws a pass from the “protestors.”

Where were the protestors when these Cuban wretches were being thrown down the garbage chute?

If you cannot be consistent, at least be honest.

Did Mr. Obama give a damn? Did his lockstep supporters object?

No, they were too busy terrorizing our new president.

One Comment on ““Obama’s Kickouts Didn’t Matter, Did They?”

  1. Patrick Meighan

    Barack Obama was frequently criticized by immigration activists as the “Deporter in Chief”. Maybe you just never noticed, because Fox News didn’t bother to cover it. Do you want links? There are three below.

    Now, however, Donald Trump has substantially upped the ante by scapegoating immigrants in the ugliest of ways. Worse, he’s threatened to summarily expel Dream Act children, and/or all 11 million human beings who currently happen to reside in the US while lacking citizenship documentation. By most every analysis from across the political spectrum, such acts would be enormously destructive to our nation’s social fabric (not to mention its economic wellbeing), which is why public opinion polls consistently oppose it, and why we’re now seeing organized, active pushback from the American citizenry… including right here in our hometown, Ari.

    Those protestors, Ari, are what democracy looks like. Get used to it. You’ll be seeing much more of it.

    Links here, as promised:




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