The End of Normal Times

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Mike Hennessey
Mike Hennessey

Dateline Dayton — Now it just not the NFL players getting in trouble, coaches want in on the action.

Since the coach in question is a former football player, I believe my theory is correct that the many blows to players’ heads impair their mind.

If that’s not the case, they sure aren’t very smart to jeopardize their career with careless actions. They sit out a week or so, or get fined, petty cash box.

The NFL commissioner does not come down hard enough on either players or coaches who cause problems. I see the NFL is losing ratings. Maybe that will be the wakeup call for the commissioner to improve the perception of the game and the conduct of the players and coaches.

Remember When

My wife Pauline has been having a memory problem. At first it was just remembering an event. It has progressed to remembering what was just was said or told her.

In 2015 I had a conversation with the Alzheimer Assn. Her doctor was not taking the problem seriously. We spoke a few times for six months, but Pauline felt there was no need for additional action.

Finally we got the doctor’s attention. Something needed to be done. His first step was to put her on a medication, which he told us, and we knew, would not cure the problem, only possibly delay it. The medicine made her sick. She stopped taking it.

On the next doctor’s visit, he put her on a medical patch, which didn’t make her sick. I called the Alzheimer Assn. again and arranged a meeting, which Pauline agreed to attend.

It was not pleasant.

They outlined what to expect and gave me a list of things to do. Most were easy, but finding a place for her when she can no longer can live at home, is something I don’t even want to think about.

The other tough item is driving, although she has not driven for quite some time.

A couple weeks ago we made another visit to the Alzheimer Assn., this time returning paperwork so we can participate in a couple programs they offer.

Following that visit I got a call, asking if I had completed my assignment. I told her most were completed and that our son Christopher was in charge of facility finding, as he knows most of them. He works for hospice. Then Pauline asked about driving. I told her we were going to discuss that situation with her and the doctor on the 11th.

Yesterday was Jan, 11. Her doctor has prescribed another medication for the memory problem, as well as possibly changing her diabetic medication.

Sure enough we discussed driving. Her doctor did a great job explaining the situation. I believe she understands and even said, in front of the doctor, she doesn’t care about driving.

We made it clear to her that between us, we would get her everywhere she would want to go. Now it’s time to ask for her keys.

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