Trump-Haley Daily Double

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The dynamic duo of Donald Trump and Nikki Haley has delivered on its latest threat.

You do not have to look closely to observe the icy, stale pea soup racing down the stunned faces of Jew-hating Arabs who run the United Nations.

The same sour soup licks at the tears soaking the bitter cheeks

of frustrated anti-Trump protestors as they march down empty streets and dark alleys.

President Trump has authored two brave decisions this month that elevate him past every post-Reagan occupant of the White House.

Three weeks after displaying more courage than Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama combined by telling an anti-Semitic world that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, Mr. Trump flexed his mocked moral muscles again.

Paying back the U.N.’s dominant Jew-haters for voting 128-9 last week against his brilliant Jerusalem decision, Mr. Trump shaved a hefty $285 million yesterday from the bloated U.N. budget, now 5 percent lighter.

Equally courageous and morally stout Nikki Haley, our ambassador to the United Nations, carried the bad news to the world’s largest anti-Semitic body.

Ms. Haley said the U.N.’s “inefficiency and overspending” is well-known.

Delivering on the dynamite daily double that she and the president volubly vowed after last week’s silly vote against Jerusalem, she said she would not let “the generosity of the American people be taken advantage of.”

One critic paralleled the U.N.’s lopsided anti-Israel vote to balloting 128-9 that the sun is square.

Better check next time you are outside.

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