Two-State Solution? Now World May Laugh

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Apart from the hourly trashing of President Trump by the fake-news boys at CNN, MSNBC and other Fox News wannabees, this week’s most useless reporting is the tireless leftist drum-beating for a two-state solution.

This is the contemporary world’s quintessential illustration of flogging a hound dog who has expired.

Palestinian terrorist leaders.

The simple-minded chant – the mathematical equivalent of 2 + 2 = 6 — has been resurrected this week for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit with Mr. Trump.

One of the great failures in world history, this silly construct is guaranteed doomed until/unless the Muslim Arabs overcome their terrorist genes.

Two years after World War II, the shiny new United Nations divided the ancient Jewish homeland of Palestine into two parts.

The greater territory was ceded to Arabs, a minority population for most of history.

Since November 1947, however, Palestinian terrorists (then known merely as Arabs) have been telling the United Nations, the Jewish state, America and Europe that they never will lay down their arms as long as a Jew breathes.

They contend that the whole of Israel belongs to them, even though it never has been.

The constantly warring Arabs pledged never to exist in peace next door to Jews whom they denigratingly refer to as Zionists, a proud term converted into a curse word.

For 70 years, “shhh” has been the U.N.’s disingenuous one-word response to these homicidal Arabs.

The Arabs have remained true to their bloody promise, shooting-to-kill their Jewish neighbors virtually every day since Israel became a state, May 14, 1948.

For 70 years, Israel has made concessions, created solutions, shrunk its space in “peace” talks with reluctant Arabs. Maturely, Palestinians have stuck out their tongues at every peace offer.

Meanwhile, the rise of the Jewish state is an inspiring story, blossomed into one of history’s greatest successes.

Virtually every inch of Palestinian territory rates with the world’s most prominent flops by all standard measures.

The final score is settled.

Lest you doubt, the lead headline this morning in The New York Times:

“U.S. Won’t Press a Two-State Path to Mideast Peace.”

This is why we elected the first astute president since 2008 after eight years of an anti-Semite in the White House.

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