Who Is the President?

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Mr. Rosebrock

Isn’t it stunning that more than 100  military Veterans have died while awaiting care at the Los Angeles VA (http://freebeacon.com/issues/oig-report-100-veterans-died-waiting-care-los-angeles-va/).

Don’t take my word,

Carefully read the Dept. of Veterans Affairs’ report from the

Office of the Inspector General.

The story below happened a few years ago.

The huge backlog at the Los Angeles VA doctor’s waiting room was taking its toll.

Veteran patients were glancing at their watches. They were growing restless.

Finally an elderly disabled Veteran walked slowly with his cane to the receptionist’s station.

He tapped on the glass.

She slid back the window back.

“Sir,” she said, “you will have to wait your turn.”

“I just had a question,” he said dryly.

“Is George W. Bush still President?”


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