Texans Next for 6-2 Rams

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Jared Goff

One game at a time, the Rams are breaking away from their disappointing play during the last few year.

Not only are they improving but in spectacular ways.

Last week they beat the New York Giants 51-17 and they continue to be the highest scoring team in the National Football League.

On Sunday afternoon at 1, they hope to continue their climb to the top of the NFL when they host the Houston Texans.

The 6-2 Rams have a one-game lead in the Western Conference over the 5-3 Seattle Seahawks. With eight games remaining, the future is bright.

The Rams scored 30 points or more last week for the fifth time this season.

The last time they scored that much was in 2003.

The Giants game marked the third time they have scored 40 points or more, last accomplished in 2001.

The play of second-year quarterback Jared Goff largely explains their rise.

Goff completed 14 of 22 passes for 311 yards and four touchdowns against the Giants. Goff joins Tom Brady, Russell Wilson and Alex Smith as the only quarterbacks to throw for over 300 yards this season.


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